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Beautiful Mistake – Season 1 Episode 9

Episode 9

I almost gasped in shock, but it was only my heart that started to race like a horse. Then he held my waist and drew me to him. Damn it, a moan escaped my lips. I should have stopped him right there, but I just didn’t know what came me. He drew me close till our bodies touched and were pressing against each other. My body felt charged to like one million kilovolts.

We kept looking in each other’s eyes, saying nothing, and then with his other hand, he stroked my lips. Stupid me, I moaned again. That was all he needed to confirm I was just as hot as he was.

He brought his face down and kissed me. We kissed slowly at first, then fast, then hurriedly, then hungrily. Hollywood style, you know how it is.

He didn’t smash me into the wall or ripped off my clothes or something. Instead, he carried me to my bed and took off his shirt. I was still numb with shock and emotions, I didn’t stop him.

His eyes search mine and when he saw no resistance on them, he took off my shirt. And thank you, I wasn’t wearing anything beneath that shirt. What he saw only made things worse. He pulled off my skirt and flung it across the room and if it remember, it was I who splayed my legs. That motion nailed my coffin.

I was now totally naked.

“Do you want to?” Like hell anyone could possibly say no now!

“Yes!” I said.

No no! Hell no girl! Some part of my brain screamed but It was already too late, hormones had taken over. My tiny naked body was already pinned under the hulking frame of Khalifa. I was stark naked and under a man for the first time in my life. Yes, the first time.

I was an effing virgin!

It happened so fast, I don’t remember how but there I was, trying so hard not to cry both because of the flood of emotions and the pain. Girl, we did it! Four times! Four effing times all I did was moan and claw at his back like a fucking bitch!

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