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Beautiful Mistake – Season 1 Episode 8

Episode 8

The D-day.

Khalifa came at noon that day after I had returned from my lectures. He wasn’t wearing anything that terrific, and so was I. In fact, I made sure to wear the largest T-shirt I had and a skirt that covered the whole of my body completely. I didn’t hug him when he arrived that day. I wasn’t mad at him or anything, it’s just that our relationship had some rules.

Who the hell do you even think I am, some girl who loses her senses totally and goes dropping her pants at the sight of some hot blooded billionaire? Hell no!

The only time I couldn’t think straight was when I was with Khalifa. But that doesn’t mean I became dumb or something, we had a relationship but it was strictly a NO kissing and NO touching one.

Okay, maybe we did touch once or twice!

In his hand was a little red box and on my face was a very wide smile. He sat on my bed and I sat on the couch opposite him. We talked about his trip, about how much we missed each other and well…..the room definitely started to get hot from jour heat. We switched topics back and forth, laughed and chuckled till it was evening and the room was already starting to get dark. And something else too was, Khalifa’s gaze.

I knew what that was but I decided to play things like an adult and not panic. So I stood up and went to pour myself a cup of water. I finished it in four gulps but when I turned around, Khalifa was standing right behind me.

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