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Beautiful Mistake – Season 1 Episode 6

Episode 6

The evening was great, so was the food and so was khalifa.

He wore a navy blue long sleeved T-shirt and matching navy blue jeans. A Rolex wristwatch and some really cute crystal bead completed his outfit. I word a long black dress with lots of pleats around the waist, long sleeved and turtle necked. The kind of dress that said ‘Back off man, no sex today!’

We got to the restaurant around something past six and at half past nine, we were still talking and sipping wine like couples who were just engaged. You would think we’d run out of words. We knew it was already late at night, but both of us clearly ignored it intentionally. At least, we did till it was past ten and I couldn’t ignore it anymore.

I told him I had to go prepare for the coming exams (which was true) and we left. In the car all through the ride, Khalifa held my held my hand and when we got to my place, I couldn’t stop praying to God that Khalifa shouldn’t even think of following me in. My prayers were answered, he didn’t follow me in; but only after he made sure I said yes to a second dinner date.

That night, I didn’t sleep like a baby as you might have expected. I didn’t even sleep at all. How could I sleep? Khalifa wasn’t exactly the type of guy you ate dinner with and just forget he exists. No, that’s nearly impossible! That night, we started dating.

We had a second date, then a third, then a fourth, a fifth…… Well, I’m not sure it was really a date again after the first.

Now, the story really begins!

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