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Beautiful Mistake – Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 5

I wanted to turn around and wave, but the moment I got out of the car, I started to think again. What the fuck did I just fucking do? Wasn’t it I who swore to myself not to have a boyfriend till my final year at college? Now what have I just done?

I didn’t look back till I got into the compound and when I did, I was just in time to see his glass wind up, and he drove off. Obviously, he had been waiting, expecting me to look back.

I sat by my phone all noon and evening, waiting for him to call. I wouldn’t have minded calling or sending him a message ; you know, just a pretty harmless one like ‘Hi’, but that wasn’t really the best thing to do after I’d just accepted to go on a date with a totally strange guy like some really cheap bitch.

I wasn’t a bitch and most certainly wasn’t cheap.

He called at half past seven in the evening. We talked till it was past nine. We picked a day for the date, he picked a place (whose name he didn’t tell me) and we ended our chit chat with lots of laughter that by the time he hung up, I swear I didn’t want to think again.

Forget about not dating till final year! This one, I will date!

The date day soon came. Anyway, it was only on the third day. Khalifa picked me up in a different car for the restaurant where we had a reservation at six in the evening.

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