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Beautiful Mistake – Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4

I should have felt exhilarated or something like that at the knowledge, but I was not. I felt intimidated. Back among my peers, both from secondary school and even college, I was the richest self made person among them. Though all I had was a few millions from my years of hardwork.

Khalifa wasn’t even my age. A blind person could see that. He was like 28 or something and me, well I just won’t tell you.

We chatted for a couple of minutes till we got to my place. Damn! I was sad. I did feel a little intimidated by his money, but that doesn’t mean I wanted the ride to end so soon.

He stopped the car in front of the house (I wasn’t staying on campus) and he turned around to face me.

“We couldn’t talk much while I was driving, how about now?” I so like this guy.

“We said quite a couple of things.” I said, nodding my head slowly and both of us burst into laughter. We looked at each other for a while before I blushed and peeled my eyes off him.

“Can I take you out to dinner?” He asked.

Stop, stop it right there! Can you take me out to dinner? Not even lunch, effing dinner! Of course you can! You flaming idiot! Did you have to ask that?

But let me tell you something here. The truth is, every single word you probably think were my thoughts here weren’t really mine. They were just impulses flashing in my head. The moment I entered Khalifa’s car, I had stopped thinking. If I had been thinking, I wouldn’t have said what I just said.

“Yes, I’d love to.”

And if only you know how much I came to regret that. We exchanged numbers and I got out.

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