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Beautiful Mistake – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 10]

Beautiful Mistake

Beautiful Mistake

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Story Title: Beautiful Mistake

Episodes: 5

Category: Love and Romance

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Summary: He was not drop dead gorgeous or anything, but there was just something about Khalifa that made her forget totally who she was supposed to be.

Right from the first time she met him, she was supposed to control herself and walk away, but she decided to play things like the adult that she wasn’t and then she played it too far till she was hit by the dire consequences of the mistakes she made.

In an attempt to prevent things from getting totally worse, she made the though decision to walk out but this time, the consequences were almost fatal and it was too late to turn back.

However, she eventually had a beautiful ending, one better than what she had ever imagined; but at what cost?


Episode 1

I was in love. I was so in love. We were alone. And there was no one to stop us.

But that’s not how it all started.

I met him at a supermarket six months ago. I was out under the heat of the blazing afternoon sun trying unsuccessfully to flag a taxi down, when he approached me.

“Hi!” He said. “It’s piping hot out here, can I give you a ride?”

The natural first instinct of probably every lady like me in that situation is to look him from head to toe first, before deciding if he was worth being nice to, but for some unexplainable reason, I couldn’t look away from his face.

I’m not going to go all gibberish and start to say things like he was drop dead gorgeous or anything, he wasn’t, but he certainly was good looking. He had this wide shoulders and broad chest you could curl up on and forget totally that you aren’t on your bed.

His eyebrows were so thick, they always made me wonder why God gave men that kind of brow when it was women who really need it. Square jaw, a pretty nose, jet black hair and the height of an athlete; something between six feet two and six feet five.

I don’t know if it was because of all these that I had already seen without even looking down, all I know is my eyes were fixed on his and I couldn’t tear them away.

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