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BE SINCERE!! Who Is To Be Blame? “Peace Ufuoma” or UNIBEN? (See What Happened)

Peace Ufuoma, the UNIBEN student who boasted upon writing of her final exams that,

“Aggressive malpractice brought me this far”

has been ordered by authorities of University of Benin (UNIBEN) to rewrite all examinations from 200 Level.


She was ordered to appear before a disciplinary committee by the school authority for wearing a shirt that inferred she cheated during exams, the disciplinary committee has ordered her to rewrite all exams from 200 level.”


First off, she never mentioned examination malpractice.

Secondly, mal practice could be in different forms other than examination. With a good lawyer, she will scale through and possibly sue UNIBEN for damages.

On the other hand, the girl made no mistake. Asking her to rewrite the exams from 200L is just a misplaced priority on the side of the university.

What if all the graduates wore same inscription? What if she actually cheated her way till graduation.

This exposes the incompetence of the school in checkmating exam malpractice. And there are thousands of others who cheated too!

What UNIBEN should have done is to investigate her claims and not forcing her to rewrite exams. #MyThoughts

Who Is To Be Blame? “Peace Ufuoma” or UNIBEN?

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