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BE SINCERE!!! Joeboy, Fireboy, And Omah Lay Are Having A Free Show The Same Day – Which Would You Attend?

One of the biggest blessings we have experienced in the Nigerian music industry is the addition of these finest musical acts.
Joeboy, Fireboy, And Omah Lay have been super impressive since their introduction to the Nigerian music industry.

Undoubtedly 3 of the best 5 introductions to the Industry in the past 3 years. Fireboy, Joeboy, and Omah Lay have proved to b the ones to take over from the big guns in the industry.

However, the 3 artistes share a huge volume and a similar number of fans who are always willing and ready to sacrifice anything to see them perform.

So Imagine a situation whereby the 3 artistes are having free shows in different venues and you must see one perform live,

Which Of Them Will You Go And Show Love?

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