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Battle For Justice (A short Story) – Season 1 Episode 3

*****Episode Three*****

*Six Months Later*

Ekene was in his shop attending to some customers when his phone started to ring.

Ekene checked the caller ID but he found out that the caller’s ID is just ordinary number. Ekene picked the call thinking the caller was a customer.

Caller: Hello!

Ekene: Hello!

Caller: Please am I speaking with Ekene?

Ekene: Yes and who am I speaking with?

Caller: Am chioma, Ifeoma’s friend. She asked me to call you for her

Ekene: Okay. How is she doing?

Chioma: She is fine but she is in labour

Ekene: Okay but where is she now?

Chioma: i brought to the hospital so she is in the maternity ward

Ekene: Please text me the hospital’s address and I will be on my way right but can I ask you a favour?

Chioma: Which is?

Ekene: Please stay with her in the hospital for me

Chioma: Okay

Ekene ended the call, quickly attended to the customers and luckily for him, his master traveled. Ekene lied to the sales girls that his master had just call to inform him that some of their goods has just arrived and he needs to follow the people that brought the goods to the werwhouse where they can off load the goods.

Fifteen minutes have passed but Ekene is yet to find any keke. Ekene was about to start trekking when he sighted a keke coming towards his direction and he quickly stop and entered it without bargaining with the kekeman.

The kekeman got to a particular junction and stop when he sees other vehicle owners stopping. He asked another kekeman why they were all stopping and the other keke man told him that two cars were involve in an accident.

On hearing that, Ekene decided to trek if he wants to get to the hospital on time. Ekene brought out money to pay the kekeman but the kekeman refused to accept the money.

It took Ekene thirty minutes to get to the hospital. He hurriedly entered the hospital and met a lady sitting at the reception. His instincts told him that that Lady was the same Lady he had spoken with on the phone few hours ago so he decided to start up a conversation with her first to know if she is Chioma or not.

Ekene greeted the lady and after they exchanged peasantries, he asked her if she is Chioma and she said “Yes”.

Ekene further asked her about Ifeoma but she replied him by saying ” The doctors haven’t told her anything for the past two hours she brought Ifeoma to the hospital”. And that left Ekene pacing back and forth in the hospital.

An hour has passed and Ekene is yet to see any doctor coming out of the maternity ward so he decided to go meet the doctor in the maternity ward but when he was about heading there, the doctor came out and told him that Ifeoma can’t give birth on her own so he will have to deposit N70,000 for them to do an operation.

Ekene told the doctors to carry out the operation while he goes to the bank to withdraw the money which was a lie.

Ekene came out of hospital lost in deep thought because he has no one or anywhere he will be able to get the money from. Ekene thought about asking Kate for the money but later decided against it because he was afraid that his master will get to find out and if he does finds out, that means end of him learning trade.

Ekene was still thinking of a way of raising the money when a thought came flashing through his mind

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