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BATTLE FINALE OF LEGEND!! You Can Only Vote For Two Out Of These Four DJs – Who Are You Voting? (GROUP C)

Hi Guys!

This happens to be the second phase of the competition (GROUP C).

Let’s see which two DJs will advance to the Round 8 of the competition.

We already had DJ Kaywise (39 votes) and DJ Switch (19votes) as the winner of GROUP B.

You’re to vote for only two DJs and the highest number of votes will advance to the next stage.

The next post will be GROUP D till we reach the final stage.

DJ Enimoney –DJ Xclusive –  DJ 4kerty – DJ Kentalky in that order

Note: You’re to vote with these DJs as their names are being spelt above to make your vote count.

Which Two DJs Are You Voting For Out Of These Four?

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