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Batch 36 – Season 1 – Episode 2 [Completed]

Episode 2



A woman breezed in and slammed the door hurriedly behind her. It was not a slave, he could tell. She had good clothes , looked very comfortable and confident , with her large green eyes and long brown hair and leather outfit tightly fitted to her body. She was probably a visitor of the rulers, touring the sections for fun. The slaves often looked at their fat happy faces and felt they were extremely lucky. She looked very kind, earnest and good. She went to him at once and got information about his death warrant and that of his family. She was determined to get him out. But he told her that no one had ever successfully left the country to freedom before. Not one slave in centuries.


She took his hand and assured him. They got to the entertainment section and got him clothes from other scared but willing slaves. These slaves would soon die for losing their outfits but they sacrificed for him thoughtlessly, with smiles and even trying to cheer him up. They went through the mud fields and hid in the large gutters. Other factions covered for them. A slave had himself killed and passed off as his corpse. The others knew they had no chance to escape but they helped him anyway, to live the dream they never would.


His visitor helper was a reporter. She was not in support of the system but would never tell the leaders that. Instead she had opted to help him out of this place. Finally, in a large box she had dragged him to the private jet in the airport. Like a dream, the leader and soldiers had not detected and he had been filled with emotions and tears when all the friendly liberals in the jet had opened the box some hours after take off and lifted him out, hugged him , including his lady hero, and offered him a seat. In his rough hands that had never known more than corn feed they handed him wine only the sex , entertainment section was allowed, he was given whatever he wished. He had looked at his freedom from a jet window and it had been like a very beautiful dream coming true. Tears filled his eyes when he remembered his poor cheerful family all dead, and his amiable friends that had sacrificed for him smilingly, just for him to be happy in this life. He would forever remember their faces, even still beautiful through the mud and harsh building lights and rags.


When he got down from the plane and into the free land, sunlight, golden and beautiful touching his back, his eyes filled with tears again and he could not help but feel he was in the most beautiful of dreams



The end

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