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Back To My Root – Season 1 Episode 9

Four minutes later I come. Her crying-like voice now

became loud. I was still hard but did not continue for

fear of her loud noise inviting her step mum or

boyfriend into the room. As if I am gifted with

clairvoyance, I heard a voice echoing from the hall. It

was slowly calling for Anita. She also noticed it. It was

her boyfriend Elliot.

Out of precipitancy, she reached for her night wear

forgetting to put on her pant. She opened the door and

called Elliot who was just close to my room from the

hall. Anita: Hey Elliot, am here. I just came to

sakpaku”s room two minutes ago to tell him what to

do in the morning.

You were asleep so didn’t want to bother you.

Elliot: Two minutes (he exclaimed). It has been almost

45 minutes now waiting for you in your room and you

saying two minutes…

I approached Elliot from the door with my boxer on

and told him Anita just came to my room to tell me

what to do in the morning. I guess the way my dick

was still inhaling made Elliot had a different set of

mind. He could also read from my voice that I have not

just woken up in the last few minutes since my voice

was really normal. Elliot raised his eyebrows in

astonish manner…

he held Anita and dragged her by the hand to Anita’s

room. I was amazed at Elliot reaction and suspected

he was just thinking we were having something to do

rather than mere directives as Anita said. He banged

the door and locked it. I could hear the two

exchanging words from Anita’s room that made me

draw closer to their door to listen to the conversation….

Elliot: you now sleep with your house help

abi. I can’t believe you can do this even when am still

sleeping on your bed.

Anita: what are you talking about. Are you going crazy


How can I have sex with that boy. For God sake he is

just here to help us and he is my brother now.

Elliot: Great liar. Ok you did not had sex with him huh.

..where is your pant…?

Anita: My pant, I, I… (stammering)….

Elliot: what will you tell me now. You slept

with him or not. Anita: is not like what you are


At that moment I realize am now in trouble, we have

been caught. I hop back to my room, squeezed myself

on the bed. And started thinking what will happen in

the morning. I was seriously in a state of melancholy.

Have I just created a problem for myself? What will

happen moro? I had a series of questions to myself

which I could not answer none. I slept off latter. It was

almost eight fifty in the morning and was still in bed

before I heard Madam Fausty kocking…

Madam Fausty: Agoo Me: Yes madam.

Madam Fausty: eihhh, are you not waking up today?

Are you sick anaaa?

Me: No mam

Madam Fausty left and i came out of the room two

minutes later. I went to have some water from the

spare tank to brush and wash my face since the pipe

was not flowing that day. i took the mobbing brush

and other stuffs from the kitchen to my work

afterwards. As I got to the hall, I saw Anita and Elliot.

Elliot was leaving and Anita followed him while

begging for him to listen to her and stay. I could not

even looked at Elliot’s face till he drop out of the hall.


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