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Back To My Root – Season 1 Episode 8



The call came again, I picked it and to my surprise it

was the voice of Anita.

Anita: Hello Skpaku

Me: (clear my troat) Yes Anita. How did you get to

know the number and why have u waked me from my


Anita: (with a perky calm voice) you forget it was me

who bought the sim. Am at your gate so just open the

door. I stood up from the bed, open the door quietly

and drag her in.

Me: what is wrong with you.

Anita: don’t pretend as if you don’t want to fuck my

pussy. I noticed how hard you were in the night when I

gave you the phone.

Am just here to help you drug out your cranking


Besides I love you now.

Me: you cant be serious. Your boyfriend is just right

under our nose and you want me to fuck you. Please

lets make it moro.

Anita: leave that Elliot alone, he cant even perform over

three minutes. That fool is lying there giving me a

sleepless night with his snore.

Anita was in her sexy light night wear. I could see her

boobs and over all sexy body. She threw her hands

around me, pulled off the singlet I slept with. I help

myself drop my boxer pant, took off Anita dress. She

squat on the floor held out my pressing dick and

dropped it in her mouth. She wiped the head of my

dick with her tongue while roasting my two balls in her

palms. I felt really saturated. My enzymes and

hormones were all activated. I enjoyed her play as I

held her boobs and suck them gently. The porn movies

really helped me.

She stood up after 3 minutes and drop he pant. I

reached for her big butts, squeezed them while her

boobs were touching my chest. Anita: Can you help lick

me as I did to you

Me: noo….not when you have slept right away with

another man

Anita: (smiling) lol, I understand. So what position are

you starting with, cos you told me you watched those


I giggled. I gently pushed her close to the bed and

asked her to hold it. Anita already knew that style

before I even instructed. She bent a little as her pussy

drop upwards. I held my dick and inserted it into her,

she voiced out as I entered. I twisted well from the

doggy style. I felt my legs were already shaking after 9

minutes. We changed to a different position.

This time it was the missionary position. She lied on

the bed as i slept on top of her. i guess that was Anitas

best sex position. She yelled throughout till I heard her

making an unusual noise. She was like crying without

tears. I guess I hit her G-Spot. She held me intact to

her body. 4 minutes later I come. Her crying-like voice

now became loud.

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