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Back To My Root – Season 1 Episode 7


Anita: good evening mum. Sakpaku, whatsup.

Madam Fausty: Fine evening. Eihh Elliot, so where

have you been. I thought you have quit with my

daughter. Hope you are fine.

Elliot: Yes mum, am fine. I travelled so was not in


Madam Fausty: ohh ok, that is good. I looked straight

in the eyes of Anita, gasp for air and swallow some

saliva. I knew I had to struggle throughout the night

because I remembered the consequences of not having

sex after taking the power.

I went to my room immediately after the seven o’clock


In fact I can tell for sure that I never remembered a

single headline from the news that evening though I

watched from the beginning to the end. I started

feeling the heat some minutes after but it’s something

I had to endure. Shortly a knock hit in my ears. It was


Me: (in speedy rush tone) come in.

Anita entered finally. Me: why are you here this time of

the night. Its almost nine.

Anita: ooo don’t worry. I am not here to disturb you

with sex. I know you did not even watch the porn I

gave you and moreover my boyfriend is in, he will do

that task for me. Though his dick is not strong and

thick as yours but I will manage it for the night(she


Me: (forgetting myself

, shouted) who told you I never watch that porn

movies. Sorry, I didn’t even watch it. Anyway your dad

said he is leaving for…..

Anita: oooo that, don’t worry he called me. She drop a

sumsung galaxy x 3 on my bed with MTN sim card and

told me that was my phone.

Me: wow… thanks Anita. Anita: that is just a gift for the

good job you did the other time. I was hardening, I felt

some pains in dick. Anita noticed my usual

erection, she smiled gave me a kiss and moved out of

the room. I lock my door afterwards and pick up the

phone. I inseted the sim in the phone and followed the

instructions as they displayed on the phone till it was

ready to make a call.

I tried calling the number of one friend but there was

no credit on the sim.

I switch on the laptop and watch some of the porn

movies. In fact I was soo entice that I finally

ejaculated. I felt a little bit Ok after that but my dick

never slept till my eyes were close. Around 2am

midnight, I heard the phone was ringing. I was surprise

who was calling after I waked up. I didn’t pick the call

at first cos I never remembered I called somebody with

it. The call came again, I picked it and to my surprise

it was……….

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