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Back To My Root – Season 1 Episode 6

I was very happy after getting that 200 cedis from Mr

Aduhene. I knew I can get myself with some nice shirts.

As I was thinking about what to do with my money I

remembered I have a task to do for The Witch Anita. I

decided to go through the movies she loaded on the

laptop. I opened the folder and went straight to her

porn folder and started watching them with the VLC

player. That was my first time to watch such a silly

movie. I forgot all my religious manners. Indeed, I

could not take my eyes off from the laptop as I started

watching. The sex positions displayed in the clips

drove me crazy. The doggy style in particular almost

let me come without even having the sex. I paused and

re-wind to watch the doggy style as many times I

could. There was nothing I could do than to hold my

hardened dick and start pulling it up and down. At this

time I was readily prepared to fuck Anita and show her

the man she has made me be. Something in me also

told me to remember why I am in the house and where

I come from. I guess the spirits in me where trying to

direct me. With all these thoughts running through my

head I suddenly slept off. Two hours later, that was

around 4pm, Madam Fausty entered my room and

waked me up. Madam Fausty; Sakpaku, wake up

Me: (suddenly opened my eyes. was thinking she saw

what I was watching). Please mum. Did you call me?

Madam Fausty: sorry for waking you up. I came to tell

you to help prepare rice for today. Am not feeling well

and Anita is also not in the house yet.

Me: Ok madam.

She left my room before I noticed my dick has slipped

out of my boxer. I was wondering whether she saw it

or not but was happy the porn movie was off before

she entered. I quickly rushed to the washroom to have

some water on my face. I entered the kitchen, set the

electric stove and cooked the rice. It was well cooked

after 30minute. I called madam Fausty to check it out.

We had some stew already in the fridge so it was

ready to serve after heating. I set out of the compound

afterwards and went straight to a pharmacy to get

’Power’ a drug that helps a man to stay long in sex. I

got to know the name of the drug from friends in SHS.

I run back to house and serve myself some rice and

went straight to my room. i took the drug around 6:30

pm because I knew the drug will start work in the next

2 hours. i came to the hall to watch GTV 7:OO news.

Fifteen minutes later Anita arrived. Unfortunately for

me she came with his boyfriend. I remembered how

foolish I have act by taking that silly drug. The two

hours is already fast approaching………i was thinking of

what next to do.

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