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Back To My Root – Season 1 Episode 5



I jumped off her and there I face, Roby, the fat

American dog in the house.

I realised I didn’t lock the door properly when I opened

the it to move out as Anita first instructed.

But to be frank I almost fainted. I could feel my

intestines were all chilled in my stomach.

My thick dick shrunk like a one cedi sausage. It was

completely dead at that particular moment.

Anita: why did you scare me like that.

Me: did you not see the door opening.

Anita: Aaaa, what is wrong with you. Come continue

from where u left (she smiled).

I could see Anita was in love with my dick. She was

sexy and completely wet.

Me: please is OK, I can’t do it again. I don’t even know

what came over me.

I reached for my pant and trousers, put them on

quickly and rushed out of her room to mine.

I was shocked I did that. I couldn’t believe what I did. I

was thinking about what could have happened to me if

that fucking dog was her step mum or dad.

But I also realised that sex was good. I imagined how

my body was in a spinning motion when she was on

top of me.

I only thanked my God it was rody and not anybody


I remembered I have not mob madam Fausty room so I

rushed there to do it. I knocked wen I got to their room


Madam Fausty: Come in..

She knew why I was there so she didn’t asked me any


I went on to mob the room. I could see she was

cleaning up her tears. Her eyes where completely red.

I finished it up very fast and went to my room.

Anita entered without a knock..

Anita: am sorry for what happened Sakpaku. But I

really love it. You did OK.

Me: hmmm..I hope this don’t happen again.

Anita: eihhh…so you now instructing me? Is it because

I gave my boobs and pussy to you cheap?….anyway,

take this laptop. On it I have loaded porn videos , just

watch them and learn the styles for me tonight…she


Me: what? Pease don’t do this.

She showed me how to operate the laptop and where

the videos were.

Anita told me to watch as many of them as I can to

satisfy her at night.

I could see the passion and devil in her eyes.

Yet I feared if I don’t do what she wants she may get

me out of the house.

She left my room and drove out of the house.

I went to the washroom and had some shower. I was

about to sleep after the bath when i heard the voice of

mr Aduhene from the hall.

He was talking with his wife..

Mr Aduhene: I will be leaving for a business trip to

Kumasi. It would take me a month there..

Madam Fausty: But you suppose to go on leave this

friday so what business are you going to do in


Mr Aduhene: is non of your business.

Madam Fausty: please horney, don’t do this to me.

You have not slept with me for the past three month,

please don’t punish me for not giving you a child…

(she was weeping)

Mr Aduhene then came to my room and pass on the

news to me that he may not be around for almost a

month and that I should be a good boy.

He gave me 200 cedis to put on me and told me to tell

Anita he has left for a business trip though he will call

her on phone.

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