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Back To My Root – Season 1 Episode 4



Anita: sakpaku, just lock my bral and leave my room.

I quickly held the two alms of her bral n started locking

the three pins together.

I could see how sexy Anita was.

Not even a dot of skin rush on her body.

I turned to move out after locking her bral as she


Before I could open the door Anita pat me from the


My heart at this time was on fire.

As I turned to face her, she quickly hugged me and

gave me a deep kiss.

Anita: You can have it now. I can see your dick really

need a place to rest.

The panting at this time was to great. I was vibrating

like a spare dum-sor generator.

I couldnt say a word to her. The best I could do was to

swallow the spits in my mouth like a wild green snake.

I have not seen a complete normal naked woman

before apart from that of my little sisters in the house

let alone entering into them.

Anita now was kissing and touching me with passion,

she pushed me onto her bed and quickly took off her

bral which I suffered to tightened.

Anita: Sak, pls touch me. Be romantic, I love u.

My eyes were closed like a Chinese man. I could not

look at her face. I lost all my mind set.

Anita: have you made love to a woman before?

Me: noo please

Anita then sigh. She pulled my trousers down, held my

strong dick from my pant as she pulled down the pant


Anita: wow…its too big

Me: whats that.

Anita: I mean your dick.

I was lying on the bed stiff like Ebola patient just

following instructions from Anita.

She held my dick and sat on it.

Anita: oushh…too big.

As my dick finally entered her tight pussy my body all

cooled at once as if I have fallen into an ocean..

She was swinging on me as I had a great feeling all


Three minutes later she asked me to be on top which I

replied. I tried my best to twist my waist as I can. I

could really noticed my dick was a little big for her

from her panting sound.

As I was about to come I heard the door making a

slow noise.

Suddenly the door was widely opened without a knock.

I jumped off her andn there I face……….


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