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Back To My Root – Season 1 Episode 3



With my head down out of shyness I said ‘thank you to


My job in the house was to mob the rooms of Mr

Aduhene n wife, Anita and the Living room.

I was so comfortable with the work since I once used

to be a cleaner in one private school in my village.

It has been two weeks three days since my arrival and

I realised the family were happily living together until

that morning when I decided to go and mob the bed

room of my caretakers. As I got close to their I heard a

serious talks of challenge from the room which made

me to stand by without knocking. I could here Mr

Aduhene was seriously mad at his wife from the quarrel

they were having.

Mr Aduhene: what again should I do. I have taken you

to wherever you want. Yet there is nothing positive

coming out (in an anger tone).

Madam Fausty: pls give me some time. Let’s wait for

Gods time (could hear her weeping).

Mr Aduhene: that’s your business. I think I have to ….

(his phone rang).

I knew he was coming out of the room so I quickly run

out of there to my room. I got so disturbed and felt

pity for madam Fausty.

I said to myself ‘while my parents are having many

children and can’t take care of them the rich are just

searching for one’.

I came out of my room when I heard the start of mr

Aduhene’s car engine because I knew he was out. I

turned to Anita’s room to mob there this time.

Me: Agooo

Anita: Sakpaku, come in.

Me: good morning, am coming to mob the room.

Anita: OK ..go ahead wai.

Anita was dressing up to go out but I was so surprise

when she was doing that in front of me.

She took off her light washroom – dress which she

usually use when going to the bathroom.

Almost naked with only her g-string pant on she sat on

her bed and applied on her body some pomade.

I could not look at her direction and was so slow in

mobbing the room because I wanted her to dress up

before I could get to the position she was sitting.

Unfortunately her big mirror just in front of me worsen

the situation.

I saw her standing rounded breast with her two soft

butt as she stood up. I couldn’t take my eye off the

mirror. I could see her smooth an fine body without a

single mark on her as if she never crawl.

I suddenly felt my dick was springing up and nodding

in my trousers.

I was close to the direction of Anita but I decided to

push back the same place I have already mob for fear

of her noticing what is happening in my pant.

Suddenly she called out

anita : sakpaku, come help me lock my bral from my


I started panting but had no option then to face her.

She noticed how silly my dick was pressing up.


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