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Back To My Root – Season 1 Episode 2



We finally entered the compound after the gateman

opened the door. I got out from the car and reach out

for my Ghana must go bag. I followed Mr Aduhene as

we entered the living room. I must confess, my head

was up till my leg hit one of the tables in the Hall. Wat

a fool I said to my self. The glace I was having in the

Hall never made me notice that the wife and daughter

of Mr Aduhene were already seated in one of the ‘three

in one’ sofa watching movie on the big screen which is

equivalent to the ‘ceni’ we use to watch in the village.

Suddenly Mr Aduhene called out my name

Me: Yes sir

Mr Aduhene: sweetheart this Sakpaku. Anita, Sakpaku

will be with staying with us. I guess you now have

someone to stay with at home when we not around.

Anita and Mrs Aduhene both had a funny smile as they

pictured me from head to toe. I guess it they were

laughing at my bag and probably my long and unkept

hair which I cut the last 2 moths.

Mr Aduhene: Sakpaku, this is Faustina my wife and

Anita my daughter. Hope you will b a good boy. The

man at the gate is Mustapha.

Faustina: you are welcomed my son. We promise to

make your stay a joyful one.

Me: thank you madam.

Mr Aduhene then told Anita to take me to my room.

Anita: Follow me Sakpaku.

Me: OK

She finally took me to my room and I couldn’t believed

my eyes.

My room had a full 7 by 8 inches bed wit string

mattress and 3 pillows.

Anita told me to feel comfortable at home and that

they are happy to have me in the house. I thanked him

and she left my room. I was soo happy to be living in

such a house lacking nothing all.

5 minutes later Madam Fausty called me to come to

the living room which I rushed to her

Madam Fausty: Sakpaku please go and have a shower

so you can go the barbering shop to cut your hair.

Anita will take you there.

Me: okay mum

I rushed to the washroom to have a shower. The

coolness of the water from the shower kept me in the

wash for more than 25 minute though my normal time

in the washroom use to b 6 minutes.

I entered my room on put on my obroni waawu shirt

and my black jean trouser which I which once every 4


I came out of my room after dressing up to the living

room where madam Fausty and Anita were seated.

Anita: are you ready

Me: Yes madam

Anita: Eihhhh please am not madam. Just call me

Anita wai.

Anita and miss Fausty looked at each other and


Me: OK

Anita: Then let’s go.

She went to her room to pic her car keys and step out

of the room to the compound. Anita also uses Kia

Sophia ii 2013 model. She jumped into her car and

made a u-turn towards the gate and asked me to join

her at the front seat where we drove off.

Anita and I never had a chat till we got the barbering


The barber gave me a nice cut after 30min. Anita was

busy making calls in her car while waiting for me. I

finally got to her after I had my hair cut.

Me: Anita please am done.

Anita: Wow, like seriously. You looking great. You such

a handsome guy. She said with a cool tone.

She drove back to a filling station to get a fuel after

which she bought 3 shirts an 2 trousers for me in a

boutique located close to the filling station. I thanked

her and got back into the car.

While driving home Anita and I had a little chat

Anita: Sakpaku, how old are you

Me: 21

Anita: I don’t believe it. Your height an structure can’t

be for a 21 year boy

Me: Am serious. That’s my age.

Anita: OK. I head my dad will b taking you to one

private university around. He told us you are good

student. The champion in your village (she smiled)

Me: hmmm.

Anita: Am also 23 a fresh graduate from the university

of cape coast. I have been leave with my dad an step

mother for 15 years now since my mother died. I like

my step mother very much, she is a caring woman.

Me: I look at her with suprise ….so the woman is not

her real mum.

I couldnt even say a world cos I shy Anita.

We finally got home. Madam Fausty was not in the

living room I guess she was in the kitchen. I entered

my room and lied on my bed. Suddenly I heard a


Me: come in please

It was Anita

Anita: you forget to pick the cloth I bought for you in

the car. Here are they

Me: thank you. I pick it from her

Anita: ahaaaaa…put them on let me see if they will fit

you as the guy at the boutique

Me: Took

I undress immediately with only my boxer and singlet

on. I put on one of the shirts n trousers she bought. To

b frank with you I look very handsome in those cloths.

I looked at d mirror in the drawer and thought it

wasn’t me.

Anita stood up and looked at me with flirty eyes,

Anita: you such a handsome man.



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