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Back To My Root – Season 1 Episode 13 – 14 [Completed]

it was after she left that I realised the webcam had already captured us on video.

I rewind to have a look of what was in there and indeed it was just as crazy as the porn movies I use to watching. I loaded it unto my phone with a USB cord.

I called Anita and she picked it this time.

She told me she would come early the next morning.

I slept afterwards.

The next day around 9:30 pm, Anita arrived. I was sited in the hall when she came. I helped her with her bag and entered her room. I just wanted to welcome her secretly.

It was after she undressed to be in a normal house dress that she pass out the news I never wanted to hear.

Anita told me she was pregnant.

I panicked upon receiving the abysmal news.

She told me she was suppose to be in her period for the past three days but there has been no such signs.

In fact I shivered. I imagined my days were counting in short- numbers.

I asked her what we would do in case the worse scenario happens but she said she never had any idea.

I had a change of mood instantly.

From that day I never had a peace of mind.

In spite of the scaring news, Anita and I never gave up in doing our usual tricks in the house. I however used condoms from that day onwards.

We were hoping that it might not be a pregnancy but a menstral complications because she told me she has experience that before.

It has been almost two weeks since Anita’s arrival. Mr Aduhene’s time to return home was even up but she called Anita he would come two days later.

At that time Anita and I finally lost hope that she may give out her flow.

She came to my room that night and told me she would visit her doctor to confirm what was wrong with her. I was in support of that.

As the morning drop, she set out to see her doctor an the Rich Base hospital.

I stayed in my room praying it shouldn’t be a pregnancy.

(Hmmmm, it is really sad that man have to deliberately commit sins before he ask God for forgiveness….but so is the nature of man).

Anita came back around noon that day. I was in the hall watching soccer when she entered.

He facial appearance said it all. She was pregnant.

She rushed to her room and locked herself.

We did not see each other till around ten p.m. when I visited her in her room. She was sad but I was in a great agonizing pain.

She told me her father was going to kill her if she finds out and that I will not even have an exit to ran from.

This left me with a great fear.

Mr Aduhene was also coming back the next day.

The pregnancy is just a month old, there have not been any changes within Anita.

I told Anita I have to call a friend in the village. I rushed to my room, called his number five times but he did not picked. Fifteen minutes later he flashed me.

I called back and we had a good conversation….

Me: hello Otaferegya, its me Sakpaku.

Otaferegya: Sakpaku! Sakpaku! Eihhhhh….so you are now using phone abi.

Me: yea. But forget about it. Am in a serious trouble. I have impregnated my boss daughter and he is going to kill me ones he finds out. Please show me the drugs to buy.

Otaferegya: (laughed seriously)…eihhh, when did you start learning how to fuck girls. Hmmm time changes. Anyway, go to any herbal store and asked of ‘Agya Atta mixture’. Buy the one in the big bottle. Afterwards you go to a pharmacy and buy two tablets of cytotic and anitablet….

(He told how the dosage should be done).

I thanked him and ended the call.

I ran back to Anita’s room and told her we have to abort it.

She said she can’t do that. The only doctor she knew was even her dad best friend.

I told her abort the drugs Otaferegya told me about.

She didn’t want to agree at first but I convinced her to take it if she really wants me in the house.

She finally agreed and gave 100cedis to use in buying the drug. We didn’t sleep in one room that day.

The following morning I waked up early to do the house chores. I finished around ten a.m.

I washed down and had my shirt and trousers on. I was in a rush to go and buy the drugs.

As I got to the wall gate a horn blew…. That was Mr Aduhene…….


Hope you enjoyed the story?

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