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Back To My Root – Season 1 Episode 12



I have now graduated from a house help seeking for his education to a house sex pet…my primary job in the house now have been satisfying the women. Am now more than king Solomon.

Once I got to my room after fucking my madam, I remembered I have made a great mistake in my life which may be difficult to erase.

I didn’t wake up early the next morning. It was around nine a.m.. Madam Fausty never came to my room this time.

Immediately I rise from my bed I decided to do the normal house chores. I hope you know it by now. Upon reaching the hall I realised the place was already cleaned up.

I check from the kitchen to see if my tools were there but I couldn’t find them.

Who could have clean up the room, I asked myself.

Shortly, madam Fausty descended to the hall. She was with the mobbing brush.

Madam Fausty: Sakpaku, good morning. Hope you good today.

I did the work myself today, I was hoping you might be tired.

Me:: ooo no…just overslept madam.

I immediately realised I always had series of job release ones I fuck the women in the house.

I guess that motivated me to do my evil deeds.

I have now fucked almost a mother and daughter.

I thought that could even seal my stay.

Madam fausty prepared breakfast herself and served mine in my room.

I was already sitting on the bed.

She sat beside me and warned me never to let anybody know what has happened between us as such can ruin her marriage totally.

I promised to her I won’t spit the damn out.

She gave a serious smile and left.

She actually look too young. Very beautiful.

I called Anita to find out how she was doing because I missed her called four times in the night.

That was when I was “delivering” madam Fausty in her matrimonial room.

I called twice but she refused to pick.

I knew she would come back the next day as she promised.

I was indoors the whole of that day. I watched movies as usual from the laptop. I started taking pictures and videos of myself with the webcam camera on the laptop.

I went to the washroom later that evening to have my bath. Madam Fausty was already sited in the hall watching “Mary maa’, a movie program on TV 3.

She was only having her big towel on covering her boobs to her thighs.

I knew she was either going to bath or have just finished bathing…

Me: madam, please are you going to the washroom..

Madam Fausty: yea, but finish up. I would follow after you.

Her toasting eyes were already accessing me out. She stared at me.

I entered the washroom put the shower on and start my bath.

The door opened mysteriously, there she is, my madam again.

She drop her towel over the door. This time I did not even try to pretend.

She hug me as we both kiss each other. The cooled water was yet flowing on us. The romance was too great.

I bend her down, and thrown in my dick into her.

Ouchhh…she said…the sex under the shower was really great…I hope you have tried it before.

Madam fausty was already panting after five minutes but she endured 3 minutes later before I come….she held me tightly to her pussy when I started dropping my whites. I guess she wanted to make sure not even a drop fall outside her pussy.

We kissed afterwards until she told me we should go to my room..

I carried her on my alms ‘Sua k) di’ out of the wash room to my bed.

She held my dick suck it deeply. She was trying to revive my dick cos it was not strong enough after I drop my whites in the washroom.

She did that for almost 9 minutes before I hardened again.

We continued having sex and I come seven minutes later.

She slept in my room for almost an hour before going back to her room.

She told me that was the last time I have seen her nakedness and it should only stay between the two. She warned again.

It was after she left that I realise the webcam had already captured us on video….

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