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Back To My Root – Season 1 Episode 11



The house is now for madam Fausty and myself. I

would have to be doing all the chores.

Anita promised she would talk to me in the night once

she reach cape coast.

I carried out my normal duty that morning. I had to

prepare some oat for our breakfast.

I drop some of the oat in the food flask, slice half a

loaf of bread and took it to madam fausty’s room.

She was happy about what I did, thanked me and I left

to the kitchen to finish up my own.

I felt bored that day, nobody to talked to because

madam Fausty was always in her room.

I went to the living room sat in one of the sofas as I

turned on the TV to watch “Songo, Fire for Fire

Program”. Madam fausty walked into the hall from

upstairs. She was bringing back the food flask after


She took it to the kitchen and came back to sit in the a

sofa just on my right. We watched the program

together and hat a little chat. I really like her

personality, she is a straight forward young woman.

She told me about how she met her husband. How

happily the married but the misfortune that has visited

her since her success marriage.

She however said they are happy as family and believe

she will get a child one day.

She told me how she love Anita as her own daughter.

I also narrated my village life story to her. The bulk of

children my parents have just produce without the

financial clout to to cater for us.

She motivated me and told me to kept moving forward.

While chatting my phone suddenly rang, it was her,


I picked it up. She was just telling me she was almost

in Cape.

Madam fausty stared at me as I was on the call… She

immediately switch the conversion to my phone call….

Madam Fausty: I never knew you had a phone.

Me: Yes, Anita bought it for me the last time we went

to have launch.

Madam Fausty: OK…I hope she called anaaa?

Me: Yes, she told me she was approaching Cape.

Madam Fausty, sighs.

Madam Fausty: becareful with that girl. Her dad will

not entertain you ones he notice anything you doing

unusual with her. She is her only world now (She


I smiled back but knew i was guilty deep within. She

asked of my phone number which I gave her.

She went to her room after.

I sat in the hall alone for about two hours. I switched

the channel to super sport 3. I was watching

Manchester united vrs Chelsea match. I am a united

fun so was happy united won 3:2 after the match.

I went to town to buy some frozen chicken which I

used to prepare soup that evening. We had some

banku in the fridge.

I had my supper around five and went to madam

fausty and asked if I should serve her.

She however told me she will do that herself once she

come downstairs.

My job was done for the day.

I entered my room, boot the laptop and watched a

series movie (prison break).

It was around nine thirty and I was fed up with the

movie though was not feeling sleepy.

I remembered there were porn movies on the laptop. I

went straight to that folder, cross my legs over while I

watch a series of them.

I was getting addicted to the porn movies and the

actions that follows.

Once my dick start evolving on its own, I start to


I helped myself that night by pulling my prig up and

down. I wanted to ejaculate before I could go to bed.

Little did I know that there was kitty rich pussy

awaiting me.

My phone rang suddenly. I got surprise again this time

cos that was not Anita’s number.

I picked the phone and received the call

Me: Hello, pls who am I talking to.

Voice on phone: its me madam Fausty. I need to talk to

you in my room. Rush up now.

I had a very comfort mind to climb upstairs but was

just thinking of how to package my dick in my nika

before I step up there cos my dick was actually

swimming in constant motion.

I left it up, tied it up to the knot of the nika.

I rush to her door and knocked.

She opened the door and was completely naked before


I felt like the ‘Komfo Anokye’ Statue, showing no

movement within any part of my body. There was

nothing I could do. I did not no whether to ran or

move forward again.

She held me by the hand and pleaded with me to help

her get a child.

Me: mum, I can’t do this. You are Mr Aduhene’s wife

for god sake. Besides how can I get you pregnant.

Fausty: you can please. I went to the hospital last

month and I realized its my husband that can’t

impregnate me. I can’t tell him and beside I would

even worsen the situation if I do.

Me: you have to let me go please. I turned to face the

door. I remembered the story of Joseph and his

masters wife…..

Madam Fausty held my shoulders, knelt before me and

pleaded. I guess I was over taken up by her

nakedness. Her boobs were like that of a sixteen year

old girl. I believed it was because a baby has not suck

it before.

I held her waist, suck her boobs while she drop my

pant finally. We didn’t do enough fair play cos I

wanted to do it fast for her.

I threw her onto the bed, jump on her and start to do

my usual tricks. My dick, to be honest, never let me down.

I enjoyed her for 12 minutes till I poured out the million

babies into her…

She was tired I guess. She turned back to me two

minutes after. Thanked me and I went straight away to

my room. I have now graduated from a house help

seeking education to a house sex pet……

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