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Back To My Root – Season 1 Episode 10



I couldn’t even looked at Elliott’s face till he dropped

out of the hall. I started mobbing the living room. 5

minutes later Anita was back in the hall after following

his Elliot outside. I guess she could not persuade Elliot

enough. She looked disappointed.

She did not alter a word to me and went straight to her

room. I like enjoying her sex but was very disappointed

Elliot has to break up with her because of me. I

finished mobbing the hall in 15 minutes and went to

Anita’s room to do same. She was in tears, lying on

her bed as I entered her. I never knock at her door cos

I was used to being a free boy in her room after our

romantic relation.

I went straight to her, knelt and ask her to forgive me..

Me: am sorry Anita. I never meant for this to happen

Anita: don’t worry dear, I blame myself. U never knew I

would even be in your room that night.

Am not crying he left but because he may not hesitate

to tell my step mum once they meet.

I was shaking within, I knew I might be thrown out of

the house once her stepmother finds out.

She got up from her bed, wipe off her drop of tears,

took the mobbing brush and cleaned the room herself

as I sat on her bed watching.

She joined me on the bed after finishing and ask me to

promise I would love her.

It was strange to hear her say such a thing. I never

hesitate to make the promise.

I responded in a haste as if I have already planned to

tell her i love her.

Me: I love you but how can that be possible when your

stepmother finds out

Anita: just leave that to me. I can handle it.

We kissed each other, had a little romance before I left

her room to madam fausty’s upstairs. I finished my

work for the day before I had my shower and watched

some movies afterwards.

It was around 12pm when I saw the phone ringing. It

was Anita.

Anita: Hey boy, dress up, we will be going to Novotel to

have a launch.

Me: OK…

I put on my shirt and a trouser which Anita has

bought for me earlier.

Fifteen minutes later I called her back and told her I

was ready.

She came out of her room and we met in the hall.

Anita was spinning and blinking in her straight GUCCI


I swallow a bit of saliva.

Anita: you looking wow today, boy.

Me: and you look like an angel too.

She went upstairs and told madam FAusty she was

going out with me to have launch.

We drove out in her Kia Sephia.

It took us about an hour to reach novotel because of

the traffic.

The place was really sensational.

She ordered for pizza. I really enjoyed myself till we

finally went back home.

We did not have sex that night but Anita sneak to my

room however.

From that day our intimacy grew. We had sex

whenever we please to have. This continued for almost

two weeks before Anita travelled to cape coast to have

a letter of reference from her department in the

university of cape coast. She told us she will spend

just two days.

The house is now for madam Fausty and myself.

I will have to be doing all the house chores…..

Watch out for Episode 11

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