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Awkward Nurse – Season 1 – Episode 9


By Chidinma Jerry M.

Season 1

(Episode 9)

Clara’s P. O. V
The three of us bowed together and we stood quietly looking at him

I think he felt shy, he flipped his hair backward and smiled

“Well uhhm, Clara ” he said

“Well we were just leaving “, I sharply waved at him

“Hey, we just came here “, Cindy shouted.

I covered her mouth and dragged her shirt as well as that of Tyler

I bowed again and we turned to leave

I don’t deserve this kind of date. This guy is too high up for me. After all, I don’t know anything about dates.

I’m so shy I feel like I should be buried.

Before we took a step I heard his voice again.

“Clara I’m the one who came to meet you “, he said

I turned

“What!! I asked

He smiled

“Maybe you didn’t come to see me”
“Maybe you don’t want to see me*
“Maybe I am below your expectation”

“But since you are here, why don’t you give me a chance because I really want to talk to you.

Wow what a speech

He waited for my reply for a while. It got awkward he scratched his hair and licked his lips

“Soooo “, he said

” oh well! I coughed twice and before I could talk, Tyler already gave him my hand

“You can have her for free”

I kicked his leg. Tony smiled

He held my hands

Oh this feels awkward, I slowly withdrew my hands from his and walked into the restaurant with both hands on my purse

“We should sit two rows after Clara ”
Cinderella said to Tyler

I smiled

Soon we got close

Omg! Why is Ethan sitting with the cute guy I insulted. What is this guy doing here?

I hide my face thinking we would pass by when Tony turned to me and said

“That’s where I’m sitting. Come I will introduce my friend to you. You know Ethan already right”? He asked me

I smiled cunningly as I thought of what to do. This guy can’t see me. He will find out from Ethan that I work in A. G. H. C and fire me.

We got to the table

Ethan shouted

“Hey Clara”, he said

The cute guy I Insulted turned to look at me

*Omg this is the moment of truth*

I instantly turned my back in a haste so he wouldn’t see my face

He chuckled

“Is she shy, he asked Tony

Meanwhile I looked at Tyler and gave him sharp signals which he grabbed instantly.

Cinderella laughed

I covered my face with both hands then I turned to them and bowed down with both hands still on my face

Tyler walked forward

“Don’t mind Clara, she is a shy type. She can’t possibly sit with 3 guys. Tyler said this and I gave him a thumb up in my mind

The cute guy I insulted stood up

“Well I’m already done here. He looked at me for a while and then turned to Tony

“Have fun” He said

I watched him walk out and when he got to the door, his guards who acted as normal customers stood up and followed him.

Wow that was scary

Tyler and Cinderella walked to their seats.

I turned to Tony, he still looked at me smiling

Just then I realized my hands were still on my face so I removed them and bowed to him again. This time out of embarrassment

*Omg he is gonna think I’m crazy*

I was busy thinking I didn’t know I had stayed like that bowing for a while without raising my head up.

Just then he touched my hair which covered my face and opened my face. That was when I realized I was still bowing down

“Are…. you okay? ” he asked

I instantly stood straight with high speed and my hair flew behind

“Yes I’m fine, sorry sir, I said bowing again

He smiled with his hands covering his lips that was cute.

“May we ? ” he asked directing me to the chair.

We sat down beside Ethan who just stood up.

“Clara you look beautiful “, he said

“I smiled”

He stood up and touched Tony

“Okay Man! Have fun “, he winked at me and walked out.

Ouch! I’m so hungry I grabbed my tummy, just then I realized he could see my action from under the table I instantly removed my hand

And bowed again. He smiled.

Tony’s P. O. V

Just looking at this girl is making my day.

I swear she is indeed beautiful but clumsy too.

I think she’s hungry. Is she shy to talk?

I took the menu and gave her one
I opened mine but my attention was on her cute pink attractive lips

Which she moved without saying any actual word. She just kept quiet scratching her hair and opened her mouth wide and covering it with her hand towel

I wonder what’s wrong with her.
I looked down at the menu and the lowest price for any food there was 150, 000. I smiled. Is that why she’s acting up.

I tried talking but finally she spoke up

“But” she scratched her hair. Are these foods imported? How can people extort money from innocent citizens, 150, 000 what!!!!

“Well don’t mind them that’s just the price “, I said

She moved her cute lips again without saying any word. Why does she mumble words to her lips.

My heart just told me she was going to shout but before I could talk

She already looked around the restaurant and then turned to me

“But, Who is in charge of this place anyway?”

Just then the manager noticed her and walked down. I guess she felt Clara wasn’t relaxed

Clara turned to her

“Hey, are you the owner of this bank? She shouted

“Uhhm how can we help?” The manager asked

“As a good citizen I can’t ignore this, my mother cooks at home and……

I instantly covered Clara’s sharp mouth with my hands

“I am sorry she meant to say that her mother cooks at home but no food tastes like yours”, I replied the manager

The manager smiled. Clara tried shouting but I still held her mouth. She tried biting my hands.
Not until the manager left, that when I removed my hands

“Arrrgh she has luck”, Clara replied as she folded her legs to the chair

And started moving her lips again

What kind of girl is this? I asked myself.

Clara’s P. O. V

I am actually talking to myself but Diana already complained that my lips move when I do that so I am learning to control it

I raised my face up and looked at him. He placed the menu on the table.

“Clara I am the one paying” he said calmly. Don’t you like anything?

“Well”, am allergic to expensive food, I replied.

“I heard you like chicken “, he asked

He collected my menu from me and ticked it with the pen.

He wanted to give it to the waiter when I took it from him and what!!!

160. 000 for fried chicken and salad.

I placed my hands on my heart

“Clara are you okay? “, he asked

“No! Ever since I entered here chicken is not my best food anymore. Please let’s just go, i said

“But we just got here and you are obviously starving ” he said

How did he know I’m starving, well i better eat this

“How can you use my salary for 7 months to eat one food” I asked him and he chuckled while handing the menu to the waiter.

Anastasia’s P.. O. V

Every part of my body is still too heavy to lift but my sight is better now

I don’t know when my eyes will shut but before they do I want to see 5 people

Ryan : my boyfriend/fiance ❤
Crisella : my girlfriend 💛
Clara : my bestie💖
Tony : my immediate ex 💟
And my parents : Mr and Mrs Grande 👪

Can this wish ever be granted?

I don’t know why but I feel like Doc Tim shouldn’t find out that I am awake

Oh no it’s just my imagination, I trust Doc Tim.

He is my main doctor after Ryan left me
He has been treating me and awaiting my wake up

He reports directly to my dad
All reports on me goes to him first

He walks closely with Mrs Annabel Delveliares

My personal nurse
She loves me so much
She treats me like her child
Even when she dresses me up
She does it with so much care and love
She also sings lullabies for me

Maybe she doesn’t know
But I hear and I hear her very well and very clearly.

I tried moving my leg it was a bit difficult I shifted it a bit and closed my eyes

If only I can see my❤ Ryan ❤ when I open them again.

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