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Awkward Nurse – Season 1 – Episode 2

(Episode 2)

Ryans p. O. V 💜💜

Did I see a leg or have I started seeing things ” I ask myself.

I tried looking under the table but someone just opened the door. I turned to look and it was Cassandra my father’s Secretary.

” what’s going on, ” I asked her

“Actually your father just heard of your arrival he wants to meet”, she said

“Fine, let’s go ” i replied as I took one last look at those female shoes and walked out behind Sandra

I was still curious about the person under the bed.

today is his or her lucky day. I said to myself as I carefully locked the door behind me

I wore my face cap and walked faster in front so fast that no one noticed me.

Claras p. O. V

Omg finally I can breath, I better run out of here before someone else gets me.

I snuck out from the bed and I ran to the door just then I remembered my new friend so I ran back to her

“Goodbye, I will see you next time bestie, I said ”

I walked back to the door and slowly opened it first I peeped from right to left I didn’t see anybody so I rushed out

Am not surprised that I don’t see anybody actually nobody comes to the third floor I ran out as fast as I can, I ran down the stairs till I got to our main floor.

“you won’t believe it but today no one has seen me at work, sneaking up to that room was my first achievement,

I ran as fast without looking until I slipped and fell
I tried standing up but I saw female shoes in front of me…..

Omg these shoes look like that of the Matron

I slowly looked up and saw her angry looking face, I lifted myself up and bowed to her

” good day madam, I said “bowing and faking a smile

She looked at her hand watch

” 11:30? Clara, is this the time you come to work ” she snapped

I scratched my head in confusion
” actually I was doing some government work “I said

Clara ” I am tired of your craziness, you are so clumsy, you were assigned to on old man yesterday, what’s your report on him? ” she shouted!!

Omg I am dead, I didn’t check on grandpa Hans

” tell me Clara, she shouted again

” Well, I will just…. I didn’t complete my statement, instead i ran away in a very high speed without looking back.

“Clara, come here ” she shouted..

But I ran as fast as I could.

Matron Linda’s p. O. V

I ave never met a nurse like Clara,
she might have a kind heart but she’s just too crazy

She wears a pair of canvass with her nurse uniform

She comes to work very late everyday

She was sleeping when a patient died

She wears four different coloured earrings on an ear

She always pack her hair in 4 messy buns

What kind of nurse Is this?

Oh God pls help Clara. I looked at Clara one last time and walked out.

Ryan’s p. O. V 💜

Am waiting for my dad to show up as usual, he loves it when people wait for him so I sit quietly with my legs crossed waiting

⌚⌚ 4 minutes later

my dad walked out he sat down facing me

“Ryan, Am Glad that you honoured my invitation “he said while dropping his phone on the table

“No problem dad its all right , i replied him

He picked his file and looked through it

Ryan the health conference will hold Tommorow I hope you are ready “he said, while looking up at me

“Yes I am ” i replied him, I already got your text dont worry dad, is…. there anything else?

“I hope you are ready for your trip to Africa too ” he asked me

Yes I am, everything is almost set. I replied

Okay that will be all, do well to meet your mother when you are less busy she has been missing you lately “he said

“I will father. As soon as am less busy I will visit mother,

“That will be all for now” he said, standing up

“I understand father”

I stood up and walked out on him

Claras p. O v

Am already walking home am done for today.
I usually trek back home, I don’t like wasting money for transport

I am glad grandpa Hans is not dead, I really liked the old man .

I trekked till I got to our house which was not too far away, I walked into the living room.

we might not be too rich but we can still afford our meals which means we are not too poor either,

I find my mom on the couch with my dad
And almost instantly she saw me too
“Clara you are home early did they sack you” she asked

My Father hit her hard on her leg and this made me laugh

“Honey can’t you ever have good expectations of your daughter”, he asked her

Mom, dad, “good afternoon, I wasn’t sacked am just done for today so stop thinking negative.
I am going to my room ”

I said this as I walked past them I hurriedly climbed the stairs when my mother shouted

“Clara be careful on the staaiiiirssss……

But before she could finlookI was already rolling down from the stairs, I slipped, again, I slip almost everyday on this stupid stairs

I angrily pound my foot on the stair as though I wanted to fight with it then I turned to my parents….

Mom, dad, ” I am fine ”

I hurriedly ran upstairs and jumped on my bed as thoughts of my sleeping beauty filled my head,
just then I see someone sneaking up my window I turn to look and it was Diana my best friend so I dragged her into the room.
“Diana is my fellow nurse but she’s not as clumsy as I am actually she higher in rank than i am.

“Clara David I didn’t see you at work today “, she asked packing up her hair.

“I came to work but I was busy with something else “.

Busy with what “, she asked inquisitively.

I came closer to her ear and whispered..

“I went to the 3rd floor today ”

What!!!! She shouted

Mrs David’s p. O. V

I sat in the living room with my husband I brought out the red hand bag which I hid under the table when Clara came back,

this bag is her surprise birthday gift …
.. I notice my husband looking at the bag with an awkward look so I tap him

” what is it “? I asked

“Did you buy that outdated hand bag for Clara

“Yes I did what’s wrong “I asked

“Clara David won’t accept that bag my love, she asked you to buy the red reigning chain bag for her as a birthday present .

“Wait until I give this to Clara I promise you she will love it, i replied him with assurance

Then I looked up the stairs and shouted
Clara! , Clara!

Claras p. O. V

I think my mom is calling or am I hearing things.

“Your mum is calling you ” Diana shouted while going through my phone

Come on lets go ” i dragged her jacket and we got down the stairs,

The first thing I saw was the outdated red bag on the table

what!!!, Mom is this my birthday present”, I shouted

“Clara have some respect this is not an ordinary bag ” she replied

I got unintrested so I sat on the floor…

“Really? I asked her

“This is our generational bag isn’t that right my love “, she touched my dad.

“Oh it is, my father anwsered.

Omg I suddenly love this bag I sat up in interest.

“Mom tell me more “, I said grining

My mom stood up and carried the bag she walked in grand style just like a model

“Did you know with this bag I won Miss universe”, she said with style.

I jumped up from where I sat,
“Really mom “I asked her grining

“Yes this bag was bought “one million dollars”, “that’s why it never grows old “? she replied

“Omg this is amazing”, I shouted

“I love you, that’s why am giving this bag to you my child, this generation bag “. she said with a calm voice as she stretched the bag to Me.

I bowed and took it from her with respect

“Mum, thank you. I replied

” so Why don’t you come so I can teach you how to walk in grand style with this bag ” ,she said

I instantly dropped the bag on Diana’s lap 👝👝

I and my mum cat walked all over room…my father just watched us smiling.

I turned to look at Diana and i saw diana drop my generation bag on the floor,
Hey!!! , I shouted

Diana turned in shock

I ran and picked up the bag.
“My generation bag doesn’t touch the floor “, I shouted

Sorry she said as she took the bag from me and dropped it on her cloth..
I ran back to my mother and continued my cat walk

Daniela s p. O. V

Am in Anastasia’s hospital room, I always feel so happy whenever I see her lying helplessly

I walk up to her and looked closely in her face.

” Anna I warned you to stay from Ryan but you didn’t listen did you?
I slap her cheek softly.

“You are father’s choice, you are the only heir to (A. G. H. C).

I stood up and backed her while I said

“You took my fathers love away from me but that was not enough, you took (A. G. H. C) away from me too.

I turned to look at her face

“Anna I would have left all this for you but you pushed me hardest when you took Ryan from me, “Why did you take Ryan ” ? I asked her…

“You deserve to be here and I can’t wait for you to die “, all your shares will return to me.

I covered her face with the white bed sheet and walked away

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