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Awkward Nurse – Season 1 – Episode 10 [Completed]

Episode 10

Tony’s P..O. V

She carefully ate everything in the plate and before I could take my 5th spoon she was done. I also got filled up so I dropped my spoon, so I won’t be the only one eating.
I just enjoy observing this girl quietly
The waiter removed the plates on the table
“Arrrgh I overate” she said smiling.
“You were really hungry right?”, I asked
“Yes I had not eaten since morning “, she said with a gossipful face.
“Really?” i asked with my hands under my jaw
“Yes , you won’t believe my mom asked me to sweep the yard and I sneaked out so I wouldn’t sweep it. That’s why I didn’t eat I., she said smiling
“Oh you must be very lazy “, i added
She smiled
“So tell me Clara how old are you, if you don’t mind “, i asked
“I’m 30 ” She said laughing
“serious?”, She suddenly hit me laughing
Ouch that hurt
“Just kidding I’m 21. “, she said.
This gesture made me smile
” nice meeting you Clara “, I said
Oh thanks, she replied
“So eehhm can I call you, that’s if you don’t mind. I asked.
“Oh I don’t mind but where will i write my number.
She carried her bag up and started searching through it
First she dropped two small toys on the table. This made me smile
“Oh this is Tom ” she said
She pointed one of the toys to my face
“Really “, i asked.
“Yes and this is pretty “, she added.
I smiled
This is Diana, Dickson and the others are at home” she said smiling with satisfaction while clapping her hands together.
“Oh that’s nice “, i replied her
She brought out her diary and flipped it back and front then she scratched her hair and formed a very attractive cute face
“I dunno where I wrote my number. This is so embarrassing”, she said almost crying.
“it’s ok i can give you my card “, i replied
“No my cousin said only prostitu……” She covered her mouth with her hands and started coughing
Lols she thinks only pr0stitutes take cards from men.
“What you saying?”, i asked her
She removed her hands from her mouth and took the card from my hands
“I smiled while looking at her cute self
She put the card in her purse .
“So where is your phone, I asked her
“Oh it’s in the kids’ section, a kid was playing games with it when I left. She said smiling happily
“But what if you miss an important call”, i asked
“No, no, that’s not possible only 7 people call me
And the matron
She said this while counting her fingers
“Oh that’s nice, I replied
Just then the guy at the counter signaled me for my credit card since I didn’t have cash i already told him i would pay with my card, so I tried standing up.
Clara looked at me with a confused face
“But where are you going to? Clara asked me.

Clara’s P.O.V

Oh that’s why he hadn’t paid since he wants to use his card
He tried standing up and I stood up to help him
“No I’m not going far. Just there “, he said
“No I want to go” I replied, don’t stress yourself”
“Oh ok “, he said. He sat back and gave me the card
“Uuhm code is Anna.”, he said
***Wow same name with my sleeping beauty ***
“ok sir “, i replied as I bowed and rushed out carrying my bag.
I got to the counter just then I saw Abigail waving at me through the door. I ran to her
“Hey Clara you look good”, She said
“Thank you “, i said
Abigail is my nurse friend in the same rank
“what are you doing here”, i asked her.
“I am waiting for the free bus ” She said
“is the free bus coming this way “, i asked,
“Yes it is coming”, She said.
***omg I don’t have t.fare.***
Before I could turn the bus came out. Everybody rushed while Abigail dragged me by my hand
“Come on Clara “, she said
I ran out with her till we got a seat In the bus. I forgot I was with Tony’s card.

Tony’s P. O. V

Oh no where did she go to?
She entered the free bus in such a haste. Didn’t she know I had plans of taking her home?
What a girl!
Just then the waiter came to me
“Sir the machine is ok now “, he said
Omg Clara is with my card
I took my phone and sent him the money through transfer.
Thank you “, he said
I walked to the door and my guards joined me
I entered my white car and my driver drove off. I called my personal assistant
“Hey Kiki “, I said
“Yes sir “, she said
“Get me a new card I think I lost the other one”, I said.
“should I block the other one sir?”, she asked
” no it’s ok, leave it “, I said.
“Ok sir as long as they don’t know your password your money is safe “, She said
“Yes just get me another one today “, i said
“Ok sir no problem sir “, She replied.
I dropped the call
If Clara stole the card then it must be really important to her
Also if she forgot then she might return it.
I told my driver to drive off. This was my best date ever.

Ryan’s P. O. V

What a funny date Tony had but I must confess the girl is pretty. Though I didn’t see her face. Her skin and figure are already perfect.
I’m glad this equipment issue has been solved.
I feel like visiting Anna but my maids just started arranging my stuffs for the trip
And I don’t want to forget anything so I better monitor them.
I wonder who passed the exam, I look forward to meeting the girl who can be so smart.
They organised my clothes well and I watched them and also directed them.

Clara’s P. O. V

Oh I’m home. No place like home. I forgot to call Diana. I hope she passed the exam
I tried taking my phone then I remembered
that child in the children’s section is with my phone. I opened my purse and saw a credit card
Omg I left with his card. How could I leave with his card?
Arrrgh I’m so crazy. He is going to think that I’m a thief. How will he buy things? What do I do now? I am so confused
I dropped my purse on the bed and scratched my head in confusion.
What do I do?

The next day

Diana’s P. O. V

The results are out, omg I’m so nervous
I rushed into the hospital. All the nurses where already rushing up to the 10th floor
I ran up too and I looked for Clara with my eyes
Where is she? Abigail tapped me
“Diana you passed the exam go to the notice board “, she said
Really? I shouted
I ran up fast till I got to the board. I saw the results, it was only me, I was the only one who passed. I jumped up and hugged Abigail.
Just then Matron Linda as well as 2 other matrons tapped me. I turned
“Good day Madam “, i said
“Come with us Diana, to the conference room. “, Matron Linda said.
” ok “, I replied and followed them.
I hope I’m safe.

Clara’s P. O. V

I was in the kids section. I have been here all morning. Where is the kid I gave my phone to?
This is so embarrassing
I need to call Tony and tell him I’m not a thief
What is this? Arrrgh so bad
I scratched my hair as I searched all the kids around
I even forgot the particular kid with my phone.

Nurse Delvaliares’ P. O. V
I walked into Anna’s room this morning
I touched her hair and she opened her eyes smiling. I just got shocked
Anna can you see me? She smiled
She tried talking but I think her mouth was to heavy. She just smiled
Omg I’m so happy finally Anna can go and look for her mother
I instantly placed a call to Anna’s doctor
Doctor Tim

Doctor Tim’s P. O. V

I was organising some stuffs in my office when Nurse Delveliares called me
Tell me, I said
I think Anna is waking up “, She said
How do you mean?”, I asked
She opened her eye, She opened her eyes right now”, She said
I’m coming over “, I replied. I dropped the call
How can Anna wake up?
Did someone change her drip?
The only person who knows that I am killing Anna’s system with (hyemaclux) is Daniela
I need to call her
I placed a call to Daniella
Anastasia Grande just woke up “, i said
“What do you mean Anna is awake “, she asked
“Did you change her drip Daniela?, i asked
“No no I didn’t “, she said
“Well this means someone else is unto us, I hope it’s not Ryan “, I said and dropped the call.
I ran out of my office with my kit I ran into Anna’s room. The nurse already left
Anna “, I called her. She opened her eye
I got shocked
“I’m glad you are waking up, it means your drugs are working, I said. She smiled.
I touched her drip, hmmm someone very smart changed this drip and mixed exactly the perfect solution that kills hyemaclux
Who is that person?
I instantly brought out the hyemaclux in my kit
I injected it into her drip and instantly hide it in my kit
I looked around then I used my hands to close her eyes.
I walked out of the room I called Daniela on phone.
I have sent her back to coma “, I said
That’s nice “, She said
We need to find out the person who changed that drip as soon as possible “, I said
Don’t worry I will find out who it is, She said
We need to implant a C.C.T. V camera and once we find out who it is we have to kill her or him “, I said
“Of course, I already asked mother and she doesn’t have a hand in it “, she replied
“Ok it’s all good no problem ” i replied.
I dropped the call.

Anastasia’s P. O. V

I can’t open my eye again. What’s wrong?
I told my nurse to call Ryan for me, she’s not back. I’m so sad
I won’t see him when he comes
I think Doctor Tim has a hand in this
What did i ever do wrong?
One minute I was happy. Now I’m in tears
Why are they doing this to me?
If they want the shares they can take it
I just want to wake up and look for my mother
Dad has not visited either.
I need to wake up and know how my dad is doing
Please someone should just wake me up
Ryan please wake me up
Tears streamed down both my closed eyes.

To be continued

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