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Aunty Sweet +18 – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 3]

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Story Title: Aunty Sweet +18 

Episodes: 3

Category: 18+

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Episode 1


Our school vacation commenced I had to travel to my mummy sister (aunt Blessing), my lovely, generous, stupendous sister. I really missed her cook, her delicacy and everywhere about her made my day swelling, it’s been three years I saw her last due to my studies though we communicate through mobile phone, I halted a cab and jumped in the cab man zoomed his car after we might have negotiated  on what to pay.


Aunt Blessing ran to me immediately she  set her eyes on me, she hugged me so tight , I really missed my sister, I lamented in expression with mixed excitement. “Sister you are looking good and more beautiful what is the secret behind this? I questioned in a funny way.


“Thank you, haven’t you noticed my staring? Aunt Blessing asked. You have grown big more handsome. she added as I sticks to my mute manner, “where is your children? I asked in a blissful tone. “I took them to their father in the city. She replied.


I sat down glimpsing all over the sitting room just as I was assisted in, I felt happiness runny, feeling excited moving to  wall photos to another after I was done studying the pictures I went back to my seat.


I sat down recalling how I used to slaughter fowls eat as much as I want eat in fullness, in fact I missed my sister home, I uttered smiling like a abnormal person. Still in the state of bustle suddenly a cock walked in walking gently, I was like chasing him away but his behavior chaotic me it made me fade, I looked around, though sister had left perhaps to get something for her visitor.


The cock glanced at me for some seconds before lying down, his behavior drew my attention towards it’s manners, I kept mute different thoughts basically stupid and irrelevant thoughts ran through my medulla, Aunt Blessing came in, she noticed my mood, she smiled and dropped what she brought down on a design and a decorated table, she made a sound that disassociated me from the pensive bringing my senses back to life. She noticed my face as it pictured explanation, she smiled, I will explain she said, she moved  closed to me putting me in oder, however, the cock laid freely and undisturbed as the drama being displayed.


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