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Aunty Clara – Season 1 – Episode 5

Aunty Clara - Season 1 - Episode

Aunty Clara

After Tiffany had left, the loneliness once again crept in, so I decided to end the day with a good night sleep, I made sure i entered into my room and closed the door behind me to avoid a De javu with huddy, I guess it wasn’t up to an hour when Clara came back, am usually a deep sleeper woken up by nothing short of an Explosion, but on that night a peck and the smell of grilled meat (soya) got my eyes Gliding right open, Clara apologised for staying out so late and promised to make it up to me, she dropped the soya in my hand and left in a hurry to the voice of a man in the house, ‘‘Baby am missing you already’’ said the man, “am coming s*xy**’’ replied Clara In her usual sweet voice, from his bass undertone I could infer that he was a young man, his phonetic accent and diction confirmed it too, I was tempted to go out of the room and see this guy who was probably Clara’s boyfriend but then again i didn’t want to go and annoy myself, because obviously this guy would further deviate Clara’s attention from me. I ferociously threaded on my juicy peppered soya and washed it down with the chivita juice from my mini fridge, the feeling was divine.

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I was woken from my pleasant sleep later that night with sounds from Clara’s room, as two bodies tussled at each other; making the bed give out a muffled squeaky sound, Clara was obviously having sexx with this guy. Their moaning sounded like a duet, while the man sang bass, she followed in terrible, i could just imagine what was going on inside the room, they both must have been stark Unclad eating each other up, I imagined how Clara would look like Unclad, am sure perfection would trail her Unclothedness, her pusssy must have been glittering with wetnesss and her Nippples erect from arousal, maybe they were in the missionary posture or better still she in the cowgirl position, riding mystery guy’s in her moist hole, with her large bosom bouncing in a frenzy, I was repulsed by the possibility of Clara using her beautiful lips to give him a bloww jobb, those lips should be on my own Dicki I thought.

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These people were definately noisy lovers because their pleasure coated voices became even more intense, the guy was now moaning louder than Clara, I could hear ‘‘oughhhhh, Bleep me mistress, oughhhh, that’s it’’ and Clara at intervals gave out a shouts ‘’Ahhh yyyes’’ her voice was beginning to sound coarse as if she went to a tarry night and screamed at the top of her lungs all through, they were engaging in kinky sexx, perhaps she was the mistress clad in a black leather costume which exposed her bosom and waste downward with leggings that looked like nets opening at her pusssy area giving room for it to be slammed well and good, I was sure she had a whip too, my assumption was brought to fruition almost immediately when I heard a lash ‘Wwwhap Kpai!’ I guess this landed on his Bottom because he screamed ‘’ooo Mistress you’re so mean, spank me mistress, baby spank me’’ I could have sworn I heard Clara slap this guy, and bellowed ‘‘Who is your baby, who!’’ and he replied in a stifled voice ‘‘Am sorry Mistress, your my mistress, not my baby’’ this was some very serious stuff, I’ve heard about things like this but I never knew it was practised by Nigerian lovers. The rest of the night was filled with Clara’s loud moaning, because she had ordered her sexx slave to bang her to comatose and I think he did just that, I really don’t know how the whole savage sexx ended, because at a certain point I realised I was torturing myself listening to two people making love and screaming at the zenith of their sexual depravity while I was fully dressed lying down on my bed with no other person than myself. I tell you that kind of situation can provoke self-servicing and I wasn’t ready to engage in such dastardly act, so I quietly headed to the parlour chair, laid down, stuck my ear phone to my ear and off I went.

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