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Arabella – Episode 3

I sat on her wide bed. She handed me a bottle of massage oil and walked into the bathroom.

About five minutes later, she came out wearing a large white towel. She had removed her top but still had her bikini top on. Her flaming red hair was up in a bun.

“You ready for this?” she asked coyly.

“Whenever you are” I replied.

She smiled and walked towards the bed, letting the towel drop to the floor as she did. She still had her pink shorts on. She pulled the strings on the back of her bikini top and let it slip off. She lay prone on the bed and invited me over. I sat by her head and poured some oil into my palms. I began massaging her bare back, down her spine.

I kneaded her shoulders and massaging her well defined muscles.

“Mmmmm. That feels soooooo good” she purred.

I continued to massage her, slowly down her sides, going down to her lower back. She continued to drool and purr.

“Why don’t you get comfortable? I’m pretty sure you are tensed up” she said.

“Don’t worry Arabella. I’m fine” I said, knowing very well I was not. It’s not every day you get to massage such a s*xy** body like hers.

“Fine Indeed. Really? Then why are you so hard?” she mused, lifting her head and pointing at my dìck.

I wasn’t really expecting that, so I just kept quiet and continued to massage her. I poured some more oil on my palms moved down to her long legs. After about 10 minutes, she sat up.

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“Now it’s time for my chest. I’ve not had a full body massage in a while”.

She turned over and lay on her back.

Her fantastic twin mounds of flesh were there to see, bare for me to gape at in glory. She smiled and said
“So let’s finish up the job, shall we?”

I gaped at her huge DDs. My lips and throat were dry.

“Your bööbs are fantastic Arabella” I managed to say.

“Really? Thank you. Do you like them?” she asked, covering them with her palms.

“Yes I do. They look very round and lovely” I replied.

“Thanks. Why don’t you give them a nice massage, hmmm? Why not give them a nice, long massage” she said, stretching her arms over her head.

I hesitated, and then picked up the bottle of oil again. I poured a generous quantity all over her chest, her neck down to her stomach, back up and all over her bööbs. She sighed as the warm oil dripped all over her. I started to massage her again, starting from her stomach upwards.

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I slowly massaged her chest and focused on her twins. I took my time massaging each. Her pale skin glistened with the jasmine-scented oil.

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Her pink tips began to grow hard and I had to resist the urge to lean over to kiss and sU-Ck them.

“That feels sooooooo good Dayjee. Please massage my bööbs longer. I haven’t had them massaged in such a long time” she purred.

She reached down and unbuttoned her shorts.

She unzipped them and slid her hand into her bikini bottom. She began to fìnger herself and caress her püssy lips.

“Dayjee please don’t stop. Please continue to massage my brüasts” she said, gasping and panting as she played with herself.

She continued to squirm and m0an as I massaged her and as she continued to frig herself. I wanted to take over from her but I let her do it herself.

“Dayjee, sU-Ck my nìpples. Please sU-Ck on my nìpples” she whined.

I leaned over and took one of her pink nìpples between my lips. I felt it grow harder. I gently sU-Cked on it, my tongue caressing it as it grew hard. I moved over to the other one, took it between my teeth, and gave it a soft bite.

I gradually sU-Cked the entire areola, teasing her nìpple with my tongue. I heard her m0an. She started panting and then she m0aned out louder, her hips bucking off the bed as she reached her örgasm. She shuddered a number of times and then became calm. She opened her eyes and looked at me.

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“Man, I’ m not usually like this. I never did that in front of anyone before” she said.

She sat up and looked at her fingers. They were coated with her juices.

“Well, what do you think? Do you think I’m weird?”

“I really don’t know what to think right now.”

“Why not? Has all the blood has drained from your head down here?”

She reached out and caressed me again. I had a serious böner that was crying out for release.

She unzipped my shorts and pulled out my rock hard cöck, squeezing it gently and stroking it up and down. Her hand slicked over it with her juices. I almost jizzed right there.

“Wow. You are so hard Dayjee. Why don’t you let me take care of it for you?”
Paralyzed from her grip, I nodded weakly.

She totally unzipped my shorts and pulled them off me. She pulled off my boxers as well.

“Remove your shirt” she commanded.

I pulled my shirt over my head and sat there náked. She pulled me onto the bed and pushed me on my back, my cöck shooting and nodding in the cool air.

“Just relax and be calm.”

“Whatever you say.”

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