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Annarose🔞 – Season 1 Episode 7 [Completed]

*ANNAROSE* 🔞🌮🧆🍿🍬

Well…I just met my entire Joystick (ehhm…not
quite so. Something like it) right inside the
Buttocks of my aunt! The way it had easily
gone in hardly allowed me to notice it was not
a Kittycat.”Oh Lil D”, she was now bouncing
off my Joystick and the way she showed no
signs of discomfort or pain tells that she
usually had a lot of anal s*x. Now don’t ask
me who’s been responsible. Ask the husband.
Big Dee.I held her by the side of her hip and
began pounding her a—–e with total
abandon! She just kept shrilling as I did and I
guess if not for the door I had closed earlier,
mum might have heard her. The walls of her
rectum held so firmly to my Joystick such that
I was finding it hard withdrawing the entire
tool out at each slam! She was so tight, yet
so free to penetrate.”Harder D”, she was
almost sobbing. Her hand was right on my
cheek with her nails almost buried in my skin.
She was so passionate about this. I released
one hand and located her free Kittycat. It was
so moist and extremely hot. I was amazed by
the level of warmth radiating from the
c–t.”You want it harder Anna?” I felt so bold.
My first two fingers were already buried right
inside the soaking Kittycat and were fisting
away!”Yeah honey. F**K my Buttocks harder!”
her use of the F-word got me to the edge and
before I could give her six more strokes, I felt
my Joystick pulsate. However, her Kittycat
walls reacted to the rush of hard poundings
her a—–e was receiving and just then, she
began pouring her juices unto my buried
fingers. She was cumming hard! Convulsing
like a volcano as she did. I couldn’t quite well
take it any longer on my own end so in
response, I exploded right inside her Buttocks!
I sprayed loads and loads of Pour into her
yearning rectum. This was just too much for
her hole to take because the volume only
forced my slightly limp Joystick out as
streams and streams of Pour kept sipping out
from her puckered hole.”Let me clean you up
baby”, Aunt said. I was spellbound! Did she
just say that? Well, she did. Because just then,
she turned around, sliding her silk blue
panties back to her bum. Then quickly got to
her knees and right before my eyes brought
my soggy Joystick to her mouth. It was full of
my Pour and other s*x fluids but she happily
received it with her tongue as she began
sucking it up!! She was driving me madly
crazy!When she had finished and we were all
done with the love making, we both returned
to the living room. Separated of course! Don’t
tell me you thought otherwise. Mum was laughing so hysterically as I walked in as I
was the last to join them. I didn’t quite know
why initially, because aunt suddenly joined her
too after she seemed to have gotten her
reason. I kept wondering what the laughter
was all about and even went as far as
thinking that she had been some kinda voyeur
to my romp with aunt.
But that changed when
I traced their eyes. My Joystick was slightly
pointing out through the open fly of my boxer
shorts and that was their reason for laughing.

WTF?! To this, I quickly returned the limp
thing and began giving all manner of excuses I
could muster for what happened. Well, they
weren’t quite interested in the excuses as they
continued with their laughter. I was finally
glad this hadn’t been what I thought it was.
Even the glossy skin of my Joystick wasn’t
enough to give mum any hint of my anal play
with her sister.
Gracious goodness!Anyway…
that rounds up my story. Aunt spent the
remainder of the week with us even though we
never got to have time for s*x again, given
that Chinma my sister returned two days later.
Mum still hasn’t known of all this, even up till
this point and it remains our little secret. Or
just for us anyway, since you have heard it
today. And I trust you ain’t gonna tell anyone.
Well, I hope you enjoyed it after all? Now you
can resume doing whatever I might have
interrupted using this story.

***THE END***

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