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Annarose🔞 – Season 1 Episode 5


Episode 5

AuntAnnarose was doing dildos and
vibrators.And not just that. She was equally
shoving’them’ big things up her fat round
Buttocks!!Mehn!! I was seriously in need to
[email protected] my8inch steel! I returned the d—o and
ran outof the room. Made it into the toilet,
droppedmy shorts, got onto the porcelain
sitter andin four minutes, jetted the entire
toilet wallwith endless projectiles of thick
white Pour!I was insane with lust!I was called
upon minutes after this. Theywere stuck in
deciding; between a couple ofcloths; which
mum was to take. So, I brieflyjoined them
upstairs. Of course with mynow limp Joystick,
rightly concealed in myboxer shorts. Aunt
Anna was standing infront of the mirror when I
walked in. Shehad changed into a night dress.
It lookedmore like a night robe as it had no
buttons(it is tied up with ropes) but was
definitelytoo short to be called that as it
barelycovered her thighs. I doubted she
wouldwear this around me if it were two
yearsago. I must be looking like an adult to
hernow.”Little D, which would you rather take”,
shebegan as I made for mum’s bed. She
hadtwo sari materials of distinct
colourshanging from both
hands.”Ughhhhmmmm…I think the blue one.”
Ipointed to the one on her left.
Sheimmediately turned to the mirror with
theindicated one while asking mum if she
nowsees that she had made the right decision.
Iwas just staring at her exposed thick thighsas
she said those and I soon brought myeyes to
her round Buttocks cheeks. Her nightdress
looked so tight against them andimages of
how she looked anytime shefucked herself with
her big pink d—o,crowded my mind.”So mum
should pick this one?” she hadcaught me
starring again. And when I mether eyes, they
boldly had that look of ‘Iknow what you were
doing’.”Yea. This one is fine”, I was struggling
withmy confidence. Well, I hadn’t seen
anythingyet. It was only going to get
worseinstantly. Because, just then, she
swungthe cloths to mum who began
inspectingthem and she walked straight to
where Iwas seated on mum’s bed and sat
right in-between my slightly spread legs! Her
thickass caught my crotch slightly and I
gotsome pain from it. But hey!! who cares!!!
Iwas in heaven! … aunt I had lately thoughta
lot about sexually, was now sitting righton my
crotch (..well, almost on my crotch).And guess
what? Because of the shortlength of the robe
she was wearing, it wasas though her entire
thigh and lowerbuttocks were resting on me. I
did not trychecking if this was so as I was
scared mumwould catch me watching so I
only assumedit was. In response, Anna acted
like whatshe just did was one of the most
normalthings to do in the world. She
continued herchat with mum and I was left
dumbstruck! Iwas meant to leave now since I
had no otherbusiness there but tell me if you
would darestand if you were to be me! So,
instead Istayed put!”You are hurting me”, was
aunt’s suddencomplain as I tried to regain my
composure.”Adjust your knee, it is hurting my
back”I didn’t understand her. My legs
werespread meaning that my knees were
farapart and nowhere around her back
letalone in a position to hurt her. So when
Ileaned closer to ask her how, I wassurprised
to see her lean forward in anattempt to nudge
my legs even furtherapart. This left my crotch
fully open to herbackside and in one jerk, she
pushed herentire bum deeper into me! Mum
was busywith the many cloths she had in her
handsso obviously wasn’t seeing us. I couldn’t saya word anymore. I was sweating
furiously.”This is better”, came a beaming
Annaroseas she leaned towards mum to pick
one ofthe material she had. Now I didn’t know
ifshe was referring to her new position or
thecloth she was picking. I just had to
lookdown towards her butt as she did. Her
robehad ridden up now and I clearly saw
howher white lacey panties as they cut into
theskin of her fat succulent Buttocks cheeks!
Shewas making me suffer. However, when
shereturned straight up, her Buttocks crack
foundmy very stiff Joystick, and I still believe
shenoticed because she pressed the
entireweight of her Buttocks into me as though
shesought for a response. I hissed.”Any
problems, Danny?” mum asked. Shewas
looking up at me, obviously attractedby my
hiss.”Problems? Nope” I tried hard to
lookoblivious “I was just admiring that one
youhave with you. It is beautiful” I pointed to
amaterial on her lap.”Really? I like it too.
Might take it.” She wasspreading it to have a
better look. AuntAnnarose kept totally
calm.When mum appeared to have gotten
drawnto her task again, I sought to return
aunt’sfavour. So slightly pushed my hip a
littleforward. This got my crotch further into
herback side causing my buried Joystick to
evendrill deeper into her Buttocks crack! I
swear Iheard what seemed like a purr escape
herlips! Then, she nudged her waist back.
Thispressed into me like before.


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