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Annarose🔞 – Season 1 Episode 4


Episode 4

Now,keeping the entire episode just in my
mindwas never going to be easy doing. I
wonderhow you yourself feel at this
moment,reading this!Dad soon knew about
Aunt Annarose’sarrival. Mum made the call. I
even had tocall Chimma too. That is my
sister’s name.Well, as always, she was not
going to makeit back soon. Her coy were on a
toursomewhere around Ghana and wouldn’t
bethrough anytime soon. Well, I still had totell
her. Not like I was not aware shewouldn’t be
making it back for aunt. Aunttoo joined in the
calls and soon all ourrelatives in the whole
wide world (…well,not exactly world. Just
Enugu and Abuja)knew she was in town. As
for me, mythought strictly refused to be
distractedfrom the images of the vibrator I had
seen!It even kept looking like I had only seen
it asecond ago. I was soon taking a decision
tocontinuously begin inspecting the
vibratorwith the hope that I will catch it
wetsomeday! Yep, wet from Aunt
Annarose’ssloppy Kittycat! Wonder who else’s
Kittycat youwere thinking it would be. In fact,
thinkingabout this fact, only got me harder
downthere! No one was aware of what
wasplaying through my head, not even mum.
Idoubted I was ever going to see Anna in
thesame light. I mean, she was my
favouriteAunt, yea. No doubt. But she has also
beensome kinda moral influence on me.
Thetimes she used to stay with us back
then,she would always warn me against lots
ofthings. s*x, bad girls, pornography,alcohol,
hard drugs, just name them. Somost times I
found myself trying to pleaseher more than my
own parents. You cannow imagine what I felt
like when I foundthe fat pink d—o vibrator in
her bag. I wasnever going to remain the same.
I wasalready perceiving her as some kind of
sexfigure! Now I ain’t saying that owing a
dildoaround here was some kind of big
thing.Not at all. Of course I have heard
thingsabout how s*x toys were becoming
veryrampant in places like Abuja and
Lagos.Even though Enugu should be the last
onthat queue, I wouldn’t say that was
mycause for the sweet shock I hadexperienced.
Rather it was totally becauseof the
explanation I had given earlier. AuntAnna
appeared too right to me to own adildo.
Pointblank!As the day went by, mum kept
engagingaunt in lots and lots of chit chat. I
wasgradually being isolated. Aunt had
nowchanged into a new cloth. It was
basicallyknickers but was designed like the
olddungaree. In other words, it continued upto
the neck so that you have an option oftying
the slings around your neck. However,it did
not cover her back. So just her lowerhalf down
to her thigh, chest, belly andbreast were
covered. Well….if at this point,you still haven’t
got the explanation…youcan assume anything
you want as the damncloth. After all, house
cloths are housecloths. Now, back to the
story. So as I said, Iwas continuously being
slightly ignored. Ihad resumed my gaming
while takingeverything I have got to ogle
aunt’s body.Since she was on knickers, her
sittingmeant her entire thighs were bare for all
tosee. Of course mum should find this normalas she is a lady but lord knows that I
wasbeing aroused seeing them. Her
thighswere so fleshy and round. And each
timeshe adjusted in her seat, my eyes
werecaught in the undulating circular folds
ofthe perfectly light skin! I was mesmerized!
This was never going to happen to me fewdays
ago since I never thought of Anna as asource
of S#xual pleasure.”So how has study been
Little D?” herquestion jolted me out of my seat
as I neverexpected it. I was staring right at the
sideof her hip that had been pushed out as
aresult of her sitting. She must have
caughtme doing so although I wouldn’t say
samefor mum as she had engaged her
attentionby flicking through various TV
channels.”It’s….been fine”, I was stuttering.
“We areon vacation””Really? Should be your
final year now,right?””Yea. Exactly”, obviously
proud of being so”Wow! That’s big! You are
now a grown manLittle D! You should be
called Big D now”she was looking at mum
while saying so byway of emphasisI only
grinned endlessly. Flashing my eyesat her and
mum doing so.”Come here let me carry you a
little! Youain’t the Little D I know anymore”
she wasgrinning widely and spreading her legs
inanticipation of my coming.Now don’t ask me
if I accepted to be lapped.And don’t ask me
how shy I was acceptingso as well. Believe you
me, if you were in myshoes too you would
definitely be grabbingthe offer with both
hands. Wonder how I amexpected not to take
the privilege ofentirely soothing my hard done
self withthe soft skins of the bosom of such
agorgeous woman. So…I was sitting on
herlaps in barely a second later; beaming
fromear to ear. I am nineteen years old. Yes.
Butthat isn’t going to count on this one! As
shecontinued talking about how I had
gainedweight and stuff, I let my eyes linger on
herpartly exposed Bosom. They looked like
theywere going to spill from the cloth she
waswearing. I can’t still tell if mum saw
medoing this back then. That matters little.
During dinner later that night, aunt toldmum
about some materials she had boughtduring
her last trip to Dubai. She had comewith some
of them and would want mum topick any ones
she liked. I had noticed a bagwhile taking her
things in which I now feltcontained the said
materials. The baglooked big and quite
stuffed. They weregoing to look at them once
we finishedeating. As for me, I was seeing the
wholething as another chance to go look at
thedildo again. I had only looked at it
againonce, after that initial encounter. Aunt
hadhardly left the living room since she
arrivedexcept for the times she had to change
andfix other things. So I was still not
expectingher to have used the d—o in our
house yet.But I just wanted to have another
look atthe pink toy! So, just as they made it
tomum’s bedroom upstairs with the bag
ofcloths after our dinner, I diverted into
theguestroom. The vibrator was still in
thesame handbag so I picked it out and
beganobserving it. It maintained the
samediameter from the head down
untilsomewhere around the tip. There, it
lookednarrowed and slightly curved. I could
alsosee the little addition made which I
thinkserves the c——s. The d—o was big and
Igot really heightened thinking about howaunt
uses it in her Kittycat. As I thought this,a
thought occurred to me. I needed to smellit. I
assumed she usually cleaned it aftereach use
but I was hopeful I would get theslightest sniff
of her Kittycat if I tried. I knowyou are
thinking I had played dumb, butwell, I would
still repeat same if I am to getinto the same
position hundred more times!It is as bad as
that.I brought the rubbery plastic to my
noseand inhaled hard. It was so difficult
gettingany smell from the toy but when
Ieventually did, I was rather shocked by
theoutcome. I had an idea of what Kittycat
smeltlike. My closest encounter with s*x
hadthought me that. So I quite had
anexpectation of what the d—o should
smelllike, but instead, I got an entirely
differentexperience. The d—o had a metallic
smell.Now if you have done some naughty
things,you should know that that is the smell
of awashed clean a—–e. The d—o smelt like
itwas being used in the Buttocks or at least it
wasrecently used in the Buttocks. I was both
excitedand baffled at the same time.


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