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Annarose🔞 – Season 1 Episode 3


Episode 3

A Monday. Therefore exactly a week
today.Mum had told me that Annarose was
goingto visit us. And she was coming
thefollowing day, Tuesday. She was to
spendnot less than three weeks with us and
howpleasant that looked from the start. I
knowthat the more reason why I was
happyabout the coming of Anna is that fact
thatshe is my favourite but I must still
confessthat before then, I had gradually
startedhaving certain inexplicable feelings for
her.I have not said I was interested in
fuckingher (guess, your very corrupt thoughts
hadalready said so to you) but I cannot
denythat I was not increasingly finding her
veryattractive. She is a very similar type
ofwoman to my mum. Far from large in
sizebut with this body that just
appearssufficient in places you would want
andexpect. She usually wears braids that
arenormally bold on her face. Her neck
isslender, even and tall, and meets her
nicelystreamlined shoulder blades just at
themiddle of the frame. Her arms are
slendertoo and smoothly round all the way to
herelbow. You wouldn’t find lots of flesh
therethough. Her Bosom are just
simplyindispensible! They look so so so round
andcurvy that I most times usually fail
toexplain just how they are connected to
herchest judging from the fact that
theyendlessly seem like they are both
standingon their own accords. Her Tips are
thenozzles to the two balls and appear
evererect! She is just breathtaking up
there.However, her hip and her Buttocks are
just themain reasons for my existence! They
areabsolute show-stoppers! She has a hip to
beenslaved for! The two ends must bevirtually
a mile apart if measured but lookfar from
disproportionate to her entire bodysize. When
she walks, it takes a calendaryear for her
entire back side to complete afull swing to and
fro. Mehn! Now that is justwhere the problem
is. Her Buttocks! I don’t knowhow much of X-
rated you watch but I haveseen; on very few
occasions though; assesthat appear rather
closer to the bearer’supper hip than to her
thighs. Annarose’sass just looks like that.
Simply hanging onnothing while equally so
pointed to the rearand boldly round! She just
was a directroute to sin! Mum had told me
that UncleDee Dee only dated her for a month
and gotsettled with her. Wonder who wouldn’t
dothat with an Buttocks like that! Well, mum
lookedquite similar if not for the Buttocks and
I guessyou now understand why she is
increasinglybecoming attractive to me in spite
of thefact that she is an aunt. I am an
Buttocks man!And there is little I can do
about it.It suddenly became Tuesday. Sorry
Ihaven’t narrated to you how I spent
theremainder of Monday. I am too busy to.
Butjust know that I had a pretty decent
nightrest. I didn’t think of Aunt Annarosethough. I just didn’t do any foolish
thinglike that. I just prayed to God and
slept.And yea, I go to church dumbass! So
herewe are now on Tuesday. We spent the
firsteleven hours of the new day in
preparationfor Anna. Mum had called to ask
her if shewished to be picked from the Akanu
Ibiaminternational airport but she said no.
Sheclaimed to have made her plan so we had
tokeep waiting. I wanted to wait all shewished
but…well, not like wait withoutdoing anything.
So I got busy. I resumedgaming! I had just
won the UEFA Super Cupwith Levante on
Football Manager Soccersimulator that
morning (how impossible itwill be in real life
situation though. But youjust had the name:
Soccer Simulator!). NowI was up for the next
challenge. However, itwas while I had
embroiled myself again inthis that we heard a
knock on the door.Well, it was just me who
heard. Mum wasindoors, so I walked to the
door to open itand alas! there she was! Aunt
Annarose inall her elegance and radiance. She
wassimply gorgeous that very morning!!
Shewas wearing an elastic looking carton-
browngown with a beaded neck. It was very
lowcut and did little to conceal her very
largeboobs. I saw myself tracing the inner
sidesdown to the area around the undersides.
Ihad an instant hard on!”Come here Little D!”,
she called out as Iyelled my excitement. That
is what she callsme. Now if your dumb head
cannot still getwhy; her husband is Dee while I
am D(anny). Guess you through? Cool. So,
Ilaughed and embrace her when she did!And
she pulled me firmly into her bosomcausing
my entire chest to press into hervoluptuously
looking soft Bosom! I remainedthere for what
seemed like decades as shekept asking me
about myself. Now, I cannotsay if I was the
one who never wanted toget off the soft
balloons or if she was justkeeping the
embrace longer than normal. Because I recall
it was not until mum walkedinto the living
room that we had a reason tobreak the
embrace! She must have heardAnna’s
laughter.”Here she is!”, she started. Excitement
allover her eyes. “You made us wait so
long””Hahahaha. As though we would be
goingfor a function together this morning?.
Goodmorning Paula. You didn’t go to the
officetoday?”. I had just collected her bags
fromher but I still noticed she had her left
handon my right buttocks as I made to go
dropthe bags. It wasn’t a grab; just a
slighttouch. Think straight man!”No. Have
some days off. How was yourtrip?”, mum
started again”Was fine. I left home late””Who
drove you to this place from
theairport?””Obinna”. (He is Dee Dee’s younger
brother,don’t forget that). “I was aware he is
inEnugu so I asked him to come pick me.
Justa way of seeing him again after a
longwhile”. I was heading to the
guestroomnow, so barely heard what they
weretalking about. While I walked, I
searchedher bags. Cannot really explain what
it was Iwas searching for but I remember
seeingthe shocker of my life while doing so.
Justinside the smaller inner pocket of the
mainhandbag, I found a pink electric vibrator!
Ifyou watch X-rated as much as myself,
youshould know that there are vibrators
thatlook a lot like dildos. Well, that was
exactlythe kind I found in there. I was just
tooscared to feel the thoroughly ribbed toy.
Ionly examined it right from inside the bagand
then set her things aside after that.But, the
images of the bead-like designsthat formed
the mid section of the toy wasnever going to
leave my head. I nonethelessjoined the others
in the living room.

To Be Continued….

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