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Annarose🔞 – Season 1 Episode 2


Episode 2

Your daft head can’t just be tellingyou
otherwise! Cannot remember the lasttime
anyone had a transsexual for a sibling.At
least not in Nigeria. That aside anyway.So…as
I said, the other of my sibling is agirl. A very
pretty girl to say the least.Unfortunately for
everyone, this pretty girlhardly stays home.
She just graduated fromthe university and got
enlisted with aRunway outfit (for those of you
who havelooked up these last two words
endlesslywithout having a clue of what it
means;simply think of a super slim girl, on a
superslim outfit, cat walking down a ‘super
slim’alley. That should do). She has
alwayswanted to be a model and how I was
sureshe fits in. She has a body to die for. As
forme, I will be getting out of school as a
freshgraduate by the end of the current
calendaryear. I am studying Physics in school.
Thesame course dad studied. Well…I am
stillsome way from being what he has
becomein this field. In fact, he is currently a
visitingprofessor at Nottingham Trent
University inthe united Kingdom and has been
made amember of many professional bodies.
Thiswas good for the family but I seriously
misshis parenting although am
aintcomplaining. I had not chosen the
coursebecause of him or his success like it is
thecase with most Nigerian teenagers
(Dadsells used bottles, so I wana be a
bottledealer. Pheew!!). I love physics and
hadlong developed a big interest in it. Now
Iwill soon be getting out of school with
adegree in it. And trust me, I have
neversorted. At least not yet.Now over to
Mum. She is just great. Ihaven’t said yours
aint equally great. ButI’m like; mine is just
great!! She is currentlythe caretaker dad if you
get what mean.She works with a Finance
Solutionscompany. Studied Banking in a
school inthe U.S back in the days and
hasmaintained almost a single job line for
overtwo decades now. Her coming from
awealthy family meant that she wouldvirtually
achieve all she ever aspired forexcept for
having another male kid. That,she could not
get. Too bad. But I know I doserve up in the
absence of two. Like I said, Iaint asking for
the assist of a transsexualyet. She has been a
wonderful mother andhardly complains about
my dad’sreoccurring absence. Most times,
when itappeared like she was going to feel
hisabsence, she would look for her
femalefriends to spend time with. I pitied her
atsuch times. I was not getting enough
Kittycat;yea, true. But everyone knows for sure
thatthe case of someone who has gotten
soused to Bleeping every day really
lookslargely different. Now do not ask me how
Iknew they always had it every day when
hewas in. Wonder how many times you
wouldrather have it if you were dad or
mum.Spend the next half-hour finding
ananswer.Mum has a sister. Annarose by
name. Andjust like yourself, I have spent most
part ofmy miserable life thinking of what
meaningthe name possibly had. yet, just
likeyourself too, I haven’t figured out. I
havenever come to understand what
reasonsgrandpa and grandma had for giving
hersuch a name. Those were meant to be
twodifferent name. Type the names on MS
wordand you would know how different.Unfortunately for me, she still bears
thename and she is by far, my most
favouriteaunt from both dad and mum’s sides.
She isjust sassy! A closest definition of a bag
offun even though she is currently in herearly
thirties. She has never lost thatimpertinence
we have known her for andeach time she
visited, I never got tired ofher. She only just
recently got married toUncle Dee Dee; another
character of a guyand they stay in Abuja. This
has meant thatI only get to meet her fewer
times a year.However, Dee Dee currently
completed abusiness trip to France which
meantAnnarose came close to suffering
mum’skinda predicament. What gladdened
myheart though, was that, she made up
hermind to stay with us until her
husbandmade it back. Each time I remember
this, Iget so electrified!It is a pity I have been
telling you this storywithout saying what day
it is. Well, I amkinda sorry about that. Today
is a Mondayhere. Do not know what date it is
as youread this story but, just try to think
today isa Monday. And yea, I also have not
said whoI am. Well, I said a little about myself
backthere but, let me kinda say more. I
amDaniel by name. I don’t think my surname
isthat important. I don’t think. So I amDaniel.
You should call me Danny though.Just a way
of being benevolent and savingyou the trauma
of stressfully calling out thereal thing
continuously. Guess you usuallyend up very
aggravated whenever you optfor the later.
(Smiles). Well, I have justmade up so feel
better. That said. So…I aman undergraduate of
Physics from theUniversity of Nigeria. I am Ibo
although mymum is an Efik. I am tall. Just a
little shy ofsix feet. Handsome. Good-looking.
AlthoughI don’t know how these two are
different.Rather athletic. Cannot remember the
lasttime I jogged around my dad’s parking
lotthough, so I assume the fitness is more
likehereditary than developed. I am
lightskinned but not fully fair. So kinda in a
fixon that one. I don’t have a girl. Now,
don’task me why. Just flow with the story.
Afterall, that is why you are reading it. You
canmake the first move, if you are a
girlthough. That aside. Thank you. I
assumethat says it all for me. Or, am I
forgettingsomething? Oh! Okay, Just
remembered; myfavourite colour is torques
blue. How absurdanyway. But that’s that. I
also prefer girlsthat are older than myself.
Most especiallywhen they are in their late
twenties orthirties. Well, if you just stopped
loving mebecause of this last one, you can
move one.Have never complained about
beingdisliked. No hard feelings.Having defined
myself for you, guess wecan now return to the
story. I know all thosewere still part of the
story but I mean let’sreturn to the real story.
Yea, the real story.It all began exactly two
weeks ago.

To Be Continued….

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