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Anini Reloaded – Season 2 Episode 9


Sharon and Joy kept laughing and that
attracts the attention of the guys playing
video game, they at once knew the reason for the laughter when they glance at me and
I knew without doubt that it’s their turn to
laugh, they threw the pads down and started
laughing. I was so embarrassed but I didn’t
show it rather I kept a smiling face.
I moved closer to them and greeted Sharon and Joy who had stopped laughing. I was
about to ask them where they went to when
Parcy suddenly increase the volume of the
TV, gaining my attention. I turned to the TV
and found out its the news time…
Reporter: The dangerous and wanted armed
robbers which comprises of 3males and
1female lead by someone called Anini, after
rescuing their members last week resurface
yesterday and did something shocking that kept people wondering if they repented or
They showed at the house of Mr. Clement to
fight for justice when they asked him to
differentiate the pensioner’s money
according to their name and amount they are owed.
They took him to a location where the
pensioners are to collect their money and
tied him to a tree with a note plastered to his
head with the inscription ‘WATCH OUT FOR
ANINI”. The people of the State were so happy, and hoped they should keep doing the
good job instead of what they are known for.
Let’s see what people have to say…
PERSON1: What they did is shocking and good
at the same time and we hoped they keep
doing this. PERSON2: It’s a good thing if I may say,
because they help save the life of some
pensioners and I hope they continue doing
this so that the government will remove
their names from the wanted list.
DCO: It is a very surprising outburst, but that doesn’t remove them from the wanted list,
we’re still going to nab them and punish them
for what they have done so far.
REPORTER: Mr. Clement has been taken to the
police custody for fraud. This is what we
have so far and we’ll stop here for now, we will keep feeding you on it as soon as we get
more reports.
Parcy changed the channel and reduced the
volume immediately the station went for
break, I was happy and angry at the same
time. I’m happy the people appreciated our mission but angry because of what the DCO
said, he thinks his life is safe by what he said
or what? Or did he expect us not to be
watching the news to know what’s happening
at the moment.
I stood up and went inside leaving the food I was eating behind, it seems Parcy saw my
countenance when I stood and he quickly
followed me in, to cool my temper;
PARCY: Don’t mind that yeye man (referring
to the DCO), he just dey show strong face but
deep inside he dey fear diiee.. ME: But that doesn’t give him the chance to
say that, does he think the government have
the power to get hold of us?
PARCY: Boss abeg forget ahm, where you dey
go today?
ME: Just gonna cool off in town. PARCY: Shey make I escort you?
ME: If you want to… Just be ready in the next
PARCY: Yes boss
Parcy bowed slightly and hurried out of the
room to change his clothes while I went to my wardrobe to get something casual and
nice; I chose a white round neck and a blue
Sean Jean with a blue shoe to match. I laid
them on the bed and went into the bathroom
to shower.
I went outside after finished dressing to find Parcy already by the car waiting for me. He
was wearing a yellow round neck Tee=shirt
with a blue pencil jean, immediately I got
there I hooped into the driver’s side and he
entered the other side. Within minutes, we’re
already outside the compound. We exhausted up to 30minutes in the town
just driving randomly and stopping once in a
while to buy something, we drove pass a
company. I checked the name and
immediately I remembered someone, which
was the very company he works with… “Ogheneovo” I muttered…
Parcy looked at me and asked what I said; I
told him I remembered someone and I’ll like
to pay him a surprise visit.
I halted the car, turn back and head towards
his house. I drove for like 30minutes before I got to his area, the place looked renovated in
some way but all the same I still know his
house very well.
I drove towards his gate and pressed the
horn, a man who seems to be the gate
keeper answered and asked who I was looking for, I told him the name and he asked
us to wait for him. He closed the gate and
Few minutes later he opened the gate and let
us in, I drove in and find somewhere good to
park, I got down and Parcy followed. In appreciation, I thanked the man who
convincingly directed us to the entrance. We
got there and I knocked gently. Not too long I
heard a female voice from inside ‘come
in’, I opened the door and stepped in, what
I saw shocked me to the bone…
I saw my friend setting the dining table while his wife with three other friends sat on the couch facing the Plasma TV and chatting happily. Being a supernatural being I’ve become or should I call myself a god, I knew at once that he’s under some kind of spell.
Ogheneovo looked towards the entrance and was so shocked to see me but he quickly hide it and ran back into the kitchen to get the remaining things to set the dining. ‘He can’t even come and greet me’ I thought to myself as I move towards the ladies while Parcy who seems angry by what he saw followed in silence.
Immagbon was also shocked and surprise to see me, she thought I’ll never come around them again after what she has done to me in the past which turns me into the person I am at the moment. Well she turns me into that because if she hasn’t lied against me, my friend wouldn’t have sent me out of his place that day and I wouldn’t have met Great-Khali and others. In another sense I was thankful to her for that.
She hugged me and introduce me to her friends, after which she called out her husband from the kitchen, oblivious of the fact that he already saw me.
Ogheneovo came out, greeted me and took us to his room, we left the ladies who have started what we met them doing, although I have a different plan in mind anyway.
On getting to the sitting room I used my hand to Rub Ogheneovo’s face while Parcy use his right hand to rub him from the front head to the back, he shook like something came out of his body;
OGHENEOVO: Ah Eli please forgive me for what I did the other day (he prostrated after his eyes cleared)…
ME: I’m not holding any grudges against you man
OGHENEOVO: Please just forgive me, I knew what I did was wrong and I hurt you in the process, I was clouded by anger that I didn’t give you the time to explain yourself.. Am sorry
ME: Stop doing this man, everything is in the past and as you can see, I’ve made it also..
PARCY: Bros abeg stop that one na, my blooder don forgive you so forget ahm
OGHENEOVO: Who’s this? (Facing Parcy)
PARCY: I’m his brother from another mother
ME: He’s right, a very good brother at that, his name is Parcy but you can call him Patata
OGHENEOVO: Oh ok… So what should I offer you?
ME: Nothing for now, we’re good… So what happened to you?
OGHENEOVO: After you left that day, I became so depressed. I knew I’ve hurt you so badly and I wish every second that I could draw back the hand of time just to apologize. I was down for so many days, I searched for you but I couldn’t locate you. I started suspecting my wife when she didn’t even seems bothered about the issue, so I confronted her one day to know the reason why she seems unperturbed by it, but instead of having a cool conversation she flared up, and since that day I decided to find out what really happened. After about a week to that time, I found out when she was having a phone conversation with one of her friends that she was the one that entice you to have something with her but you refuse to do anything with her, and she threatened to send you out of the house which she accomplished. I was so angry that I also threaten to send her out of the house but she nagged me and told me I can’t do anything to her, I stormed out of the house angrily and told her to be out of my house before I come back. I went to the club and came back after about 2hours, I stepped into the house and felt like something hits me hard on the chest… That was all I could recall.
PARCY: Wow, what a story
ME: Truly, what a story. Well, let’s thank your stars for taking you out of the darkness, because you were under a spell
ME: Yeah and thank me and Parcy for taking you out of the spell.
PARCY: Bros, you need to beware of women because they can do and undo
OGHENE: Thank you guys
ME: I need you to see something, go check inside your wardrobe, bring whatever you see here, don’t open it… I repeat, don’t open it…
He stood up quickly and went inside the other room in the house, the moment he leaves, my ring and Parcy’s shone yellow meaning…DANGER


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