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Anini Reloaded – Season 2 Episode 8


I went to town later in the afternoon to go get us a better outfit to wear, I already know the size of everyone so it’s not hard picking clothe for the remaining three but all the same I still decided not to go alone, so I took Parcy along when going leaving only Great-Khali at home. Sharon already left the house since the moment we ending the meeting.
Me and Parcy got to the clothing mall, after searching frantically for a nice outfit, we settled for a black shining jacket and black jean to match with two pairs of black fingerless gloves (if you know those type of gloves the soldiers use).
After trying the wears, it look awesome so we didn’t wasted time in taking them.
We got home to meet an empty house, I tried reaching Great-Khali but his number was busy which got me worried. After about 15mins he called and told me he went for clubbing, while Sharon is yet to return from her criers dealing.
Parcy and I decided to go back to any electronic mall, just to buy play station 3 (PS3) in order to keep ourselves busy (We too should have fun na! Although Parcy preferred his more than the game as we started playing).
We are well prepared, ready to take any threat down with our guns. We could have just teleported to his house but we want to have some fresh air on the way and have some fun with his security guards.
I was standing in front of them while the three (Parcy, Sharon & Great-khali) were staring at me with great determination in their eyes, waiting for me to say something.
Right in front of me was a small center table in the middle, with criers of different brand lying on it;
ME: (Returning their gaze with a bossy look)… We are aware of our mission tonight; a mission of justice, a mission to help the less privilege, there must be no mistake whatsoever. You must not kill him unless he proves stubborn.
GREAT-KHALI: Let’s go show that so called Mr. Clement that the gods are angry
ALL OF US: Yes! The gods are vexed!
We put on our masks and went out to the waiting car parked neatly outside. Great-Khali jumped in, occupying the driver’s seat while I took the seat beside him and the remaining two took the back seat, he kicked the car engine to life and expertly drove out of the compound and off we went.
We got to his house by 7:15PM, awaiting the remaining 15minutes before his arrival, the place was a busy area and it would attract attentions to us if we engage his guards in a battle, so we bolted silencer to the criers we want to use.
Getting to his gate we horned and the gateman peeped through the hole and asked who we are? I looked back to Parcy signaling to him with my eyes to go meet the man, he got down without his crier. He moved towards the man and whispers something we didn’t ear.
The gateman on hearing what he said quickly close the hole and started rushing to open the gate in a hurry, like someone wanting to urinate (person wey won piss), he opened the gate and we drove in (wondering why we decided to drive the car in instead of parking it outside? Percy’s expensive car for that matter) Parcy followed behind and the gateman closed the gate.
On diving in, we spotted the 6security guards immediately, stepping out of their car with cool criers at hand, shining as a result of the light rays from the sun.
We didn’t waited for the guards to process what they saw with us before we sent bullets to their way, hitting them hard as we sprayed the bullets directly to the direction they were, sending off their souls as they all dropped dead immediately..
I was the one that led the way to the entrance door. Parcy has already tied up the gateman and he taped his mouth to prevent him from shouting, as he stood by the gate waiting for Clement in order to open for him when he comes.
I didn’t bother to knock as I opened the door immediately and sent bullets to the four guards who were stunned to react quickly, seeing what I got for them.
I shot 3 on their chest while I gave the fourth a bullet in his right thigh, he screamed in pain and rolled to the ground crying and clutching the place the bullet penetrated.
I moved closer to him and pointed my gun to his head and asked him where Clements’s wife and children are. He told me they were in their rooms upstairs and I asked Sharon and Great-Khali to go bring them down to the sitting room. I make myself comfortable on
one of the couch while they proceed up.
“Move b—h” I heard Sharon shouted at the woman as she made her way downstairs shivering badly, in the presence of her children. They were asked to kneel in front of me while Sharon and Great-Khali stood at their back, pointing criers to their heads;
ME: Don’t shiver woman, we haven’t done anything to you, have we?… We did not come for you, we are here for your husband and I believe he’s gonna be home in the next (I checked my wristwatch to analyze the time) 5minutes, and before he arrives, I want you to entertain us…
The woman stood up in fear and went into the kitchen with Sharon following closely in case she tries anything funny.
I asked the kids to have their seats while we all wait for their thief of a father to return. The woman came back with a tray in her hand which contains a plate with plenty of fried meat and also with four wine cups. She placed it on the center table and made her way to the bar to get a red wine.
After done entertaining us, I asked her to sit with her kids who were all consumed in fear waiting for their father. My guys sat down too, just to have their share of the entertainment, dropping their guns closer to themselves.
I was about eating the second meat when the door suddenly burst open… “Look who we got here” a voice suddenly said…

PARCY: Look at who we gat here (Pushing Mr.
Clement inside).
Mr. Clement was so afraid that he started peeing on himself, the fear in his eyes made
him look too innocent to be a thief but all na
ME: Welcome home Mr. Clement, before we
get started why don’t you order your wife to
get us something delicious for dinner. She reluctantly stood up and headed to the
kitchen, Sharon followed her aiming the gun
at her head.
CLEMENT: Who are you guys please…
ME: Your worst nightmares (Laughing endlessly)
PARCY: Hahahaha…. You just heard the voice
of Anini the great
On hearing this Mr. Clement begin to shiver
badly like someone suffering from heavy
coldness, he started sweating profusely. I couldn’t bear it that I busted into an
hysterical laughter. The food was taking long
so I decided to get straight to business.
ME: So, you don’t want to pay people their
pension’s right?
CLEMENT: No Sir, they haven’t paid the money… (He received a slap from Parcy)
PARCY: You dey craze? We be ajebutter for
your eye?
CLEMENT: Ah brother I swear I’m not lieing
(Another heavy slap landed on his cheek
again from Parcy) PARCY: You still get mind to dey lie eh, see
this goat oo! You think say na play we come
play here.
ME: You see, I don’t want to do this the hard
way but it seems you don’t want to
cooperate, Great-Khali break his ankle… (Great-Khali pointed his gun to his ankle
ready to shoot when Clement shouted that
he’ll cooperate, I guess he don’t want to lose
his leg)
ME: So where’s the money you collected?
CLEMENT: Its inside my room please don’t hurt me
GREAT-KHALI: Oya lead the way
Clement quickly stood up and led the way to
his room, Great-Khali followed him up and
within minutes, they came back downstairs
with a GhanaMustGo bag. We checked it and confirmed it contains money;
ME: Are you sure it’s complete?
CLEMENT: Yes, I haven’t started using from
ME: Now on to the next step. You’ll bring out
the list of the pensioners and start dividing the money into the amount a person is to
collect. Secondly, you must make sure you
finish it before we finish eating.
He sprung into action and started dividing the
money into big envelopes, with each person’s name written on it, he was doing
this when his wife came in to tell us the food
is ready. She has already sets the dining, so
we left Mr. Clement in the living room to go
After eating I ordered the kids to go sleep which they obeyed without delay, while I
went into the livingroom, seating where I
was previously.
Mr. Clement finished the task and I asked him
to send a text to all of them. The content of
the text consist of, the time and location to where they would collect their money.
I woke up kind of late due to the fact that we
didn’t got home on time, it was past two that we arrived because we made sure to
get the money to the location with Clement
himself. I got off bed and went into the
bathroom to have my bath; I was feeling
very hungry that I didn’t even use up to
15minutes in the bathroom. I got to the sitting room to find Parcy and
Great-Khali sleeping with the game pad in
their hands, and the TV running (I wonder
why they hardly sleep in their room). I was
so full of
laughter, imagining the fact that they fell asleep while playing Game. I didn’t know
when I fell to the ground laughing, forgetting
the reason I came out.
They both suddenly woke up and saw me
laughing, they have the ‘watin dey worry dis
one’ look on their faces. Instead of talking they decided to keep playing their game
ignoring me totally. I controlled my laughter
and greeted them, in return they only
mumbled a reply I didn’t hear.
I went into the kitchen and luckily I met fried
rice and chicken in the pot, the aroma alone was delicious enough to make me full, but I
was so hungry. I didn’t wait to reach the
dining before I started eating, that signifies
how hungry I was.
I went back to the Living room to get the
shock of my life; I met Sharon and someone seating side to side chatting happily… The
moment they set their eyes on me, they pick
up a heavy laughter that the plate of food I
was holding almost fell down.


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