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Anini Reloaded – Season 2 Episode 6


The ring shone red (danger?), I wasn’t afraid though but anxious to know what it is, I was waiting when I heard a voice in my ears…
VOICE: Babisky knocks permission to open.
(I was amaze but I didn’t show it, I knew Sharon didn’t heard the voice but she might suspect since I paused from the action we were into. I responded as we chatted through our mindset)
ME: Open
BABISKY: You’re amazed, I see, the red light didn’t mean danger but someone is trying to communicate with you…
ME: What now signifies danger?
BABISKY: Yellow light, you’re omitting a warning but that’s for you to figure out, I contact for something else
ME: Hope it’s not serious
BABISKY: Not really, it’s about the ring.
ME: What about it? (I asked perplexed)
BABISKY: Never use it to touch a woman’s private part, or better still take it off before having fun with your woman
(Hearing this, I thanked my star for not using the hand to finger Sharon)
BABISKY: That’s all I want to say, have a nice f.sexcion and don’t forget to get those guys up here tomorrow as early as possible, they need to be cleanse immediately..
His voice disappeared from my though, and I became aware of my surrounding. Sharon still stark naked waiting for me to finish whatever discussion I was having with the unknown and she was still with that ‘I need an explanation’ look.
Well I was too h—y to explain anything that I pounced on her like a hungry wild cat, It was so weird that I got her surprised (where the strength came from, I dunno).
I woke up from a deep sleep after the f.sexcion like Babisky called it, and went into the bathroom to freshen up.
When done, I wore a short with an armless Man U jersey and headed to the livingroom but didn’t meet the guys. I was about turning back when I sighted them in the dining;
ME: Una dey craze oh… Una dey chop forget me (shouting at them playfully)
GREAT-KHALI: Bros nor vex ehn, we didn’t want to disturb your sleep..
SHARON: He’s right we’re sorry
(Parcy was just eating like say tomorrow no dey, he didn’t even render an apology though I don’t need any from him. What I wanted at that time was food, and food I got when Sharon went into the kitchen to get my own share).
ME: Great-kali we need to talk after eating, likewise Parcy and Sharon
GREAT-KALI: Babisky already contacted me about the warning, and as for this guys (pointing to Parcy and Sharon) I already told them about everything and they gave in without second thought.
(Great-kali explained while I just kept on smiling, it seems things will go easier than I earlier thought.)
ME: We teleport as early as possible then…
BABISKY: Welcome Parcy and Sharon
SHARON/PARCY: Thank you..
BABISKY: Hope your boss has told you about everything, including the warnings?
SHARON: Yes he has… (She was looking at me when answering)
BABISKY: Parcy you have two questions on your mind, ask now or never (he talked authoritatively)
PARCY: You see Big Bros Babisky (B3), the name sounds good… first question be say “how are we going to make money?”
BABISKY: Hahahaha, You’re smart with this your age, the mother goddess will provide you with wealth that no living being has ever had, just be watchful..
PARCY: Wow! You’re the best B3, all the girls dem don enter one chance for my hand, I go patatatata their pussies (B3 just laughed)… The second question be say “aren’t we gonna shoot guns anymore?”
BABISKY: You will shoot guns but you must shoot on good course, to defend yourself or the needful, those being cheated or any other way you think is good… That is just it, Since I have answered your questions it’s time to do the cleansing.
Parcy and Sharon moved to where Babisky was, he asked them to walk on the hot coal like we did and later they proceeded to the coffin…
Parcy was the first to wake up, he was so clean, so clean and handsome that you’ll know he’s not a mortal again but a handsome human-god. He laughed wickedly when he got out of the casket, he came towards us and hugged us.
We were all so happy but it remains one person Sharon, she didn’t come around… after a while Babisky spoke up, when he noticed we were worried;
BABISKY: She’ll come around but I need to tell the three of you something before she wakes…
What do you guys think he’ll say?
Why is she taken that long?


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