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Anini Reloaded – Season 2 Episode 5

After popping champagne, I went into my
room, leaving the guys in the living room
exhausted and wasted. I felt like calling the
doctor. Guess you remembered him (the very Doc we kidnapped, who treated Patata
back then).
I don’t even remember his name, so I went in
search of his complimentary card which I
later found on a particular file of mine. I
quickly typed his number on my phone after confirming his name to be Dr. Okowa.
After several attempt of dialing it, the contact
fails to connect leaving me with no other
choice than to forget. I was in the room
thinking on the best action to take, but was
disturbed by the noise from the sitting room, I could hear Parcy’s voice shouting
And talking about Parcy, that boy can be
crazy sometimes, always talking at random
and shouting lot of patatatata….
I felt like calling the Doctor to come check on them before, since I don’t want anything to
happen to my squad members, but gave it a
second thought. Afterall they will be
immortals soonest.
I really want to fortify them badly, but the
problem here is; will they be willing to go by the rules of the mother goddess? Sharon can
be easily convinced because she’s a woman I
thought but Parcy? Always wanting to shoot
at anything and get money, and we’re not to
touch any money collected till it reaches its
owner or the less privilege, who might consider to give us something as
I was so lost in thought that I didn’t know
when Sharon entered into my room.
I was so oblivious of my environment that I
don’t even know when she started removing her clothes till she was wearing nothing (you
know what that means), I jerked when I felt
her hands on my shoulders messaging it
softly with her wonderful naked bosoms
rubbing my back. I relaxed back, only to turn
my head and found her smiling seductively. Well as a smart guy, and a boss for that
matter, I needed not to form for her since
she just returned from a difficult hardship;
ME: (Sounding weak) You know we shouldn’t
be doing this right now
SHARON: Why? I’ve been waiting for this moment.
ME: You’re wounded you know
SHARON: Spare me that, you don’t know how
much I missed you being inside me. I almost
lose hope of seeing you again, and having
your hmm____ inside me again will be a thing of joy…
ME: Really?
SHARON: Yes na! I came to realize how much
you mean to me, even God knows that.
The moment she said so, the ring on my hand
glows again but this time a little brighter, ‘making sense’ I thought to myself
ME: So you want us to make love right?
SHARON: Yes and now
ME: Well on one condition… You’ll promise to
stay faithful to me and never give your
sharwama (literally my cockpit) to any man again even if it’s the military men for
criers (gun)… DEAL?
Why I said that or where that is coming from,
I don’t even know. I guess the mother
goddess is passing her jealousy onto me and
I think that’s not a good thing at all… Sharon was kind of taken aback by what I
said and seems to process it for a while,
before deciding on what to say;
SHARON: As long as you’ll always be there
for me when I need your seeds… YES
As she said that, my curve7 stood like an hungry lion that sees its prey. I pounce on
her immediately with my hands fondling her
boobs like they’re balloons, ‘so soft’ I said in
my head, actually I’ve missed her very
badly. The alcohol I took, has taken its toll on
me but as a boss no weakness must be shown.
Well as we were romancing, my mind
wandered to the warning given to us by
Babisky, ‘never get lost in love’ it echoed in
my ears. The sentence makes sense but I’m
still yet to get the message in there, the warning wouldn’t have bothered me if not
the fact that I still have a soft heart
somewhere inside, a soft space that only
love can fill unlike Great-Khali that has a
stone-cold heart, and will always say ‘Love
for where?’. We were so into what we were doing,
romancing, kissing, fondling, pressing, eating,
fingering and all that, and was about to put
something inside the other thing when the
ring shone brightly again but this time it
showed red which means a danger (I just guess actually since in most cases red is used
to symbolize danger).
She saw this but as a warrior she is, she
didn’t flare up but rather gave me a
questioning look.
That was less of my concern, my concern is WHAT DANGER?


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