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Anini Reloaded – Season 2 Episode 4

That very Saturday morning, as early as 5AM we were fully prepared.
We knew the police might change the road to take, and decided to get good information on where to block them and the time they will be leaving for Abuja.
The only way we could get information on that is from the police themselves.
We drove our car down to a police checkpoint where we found only two officers on duty, they parked us and asked where we were going-to at that early hours of the day, and I told them that we came for them.
They were surprised with the words I used, they asked us to come out from the car which we obeyed. They search our car and found lots of guns.
The police officer with the highest rank told the other officer to handcuff us, but we didn’t wasted a seconds in bundling them.
We beat the hell out of them, and interviewed them on the transfer of the two members of our gang that will be taken to Abuja that very day.
They pleaded they knew nothing about the transfer and confessed to us that it’s only the states CID, and those escorting the warders that can give us the information we needed.
Hearing this, we requested the address of the State CID which was given to us. We bundled them together and zoom off to the given address…
We went straight to the state CID’s house and displayed a little show there, by falling the security men that were guiding the building.
After they were all fallen, we tried to open the door but it was locked with a very powerful security lock.
We remembered our ability to materialize and dematerialize, in a jiffy myself and Great-kali held hands together and with the clue given to us by Babisky we found ourselves in the sitting room.
A lady and two innocent looking girls were shivery in tension. When they saw us all of a sudden, they prostrated on the cold tiles in fear.
We were thinking we would meet the man of the house but met his absence, we got no other option than to interrogate his family;
ME: Madam we are not here for jokes, where is your husband?
WOMAN: My husband called us last night that he won’t be coming home because of a National assignment
GREAT-KALI: So our friends are the National assignment eh?
ME: Madam we are not here for plays, for the last time where is your husband and how can we get him?
WOMAN: I am saying the truth Sir
(Crying childishly)
ME: Okay, now put him on call.
The wife to the State CID instantly brought out her phone and dialed the husband’s line;
WOMAN: Its ringing now
ME: Let me have it, don’t panic madam we won’t hurt you and your children because we didn’t come for you okay?
WOMAN: Okay.
I placed the phone on my ears and before the call could end, the State CID picked-up;
CID: Hello sweetheart! Why calling this early, I taught I told you I have some work to do in the office today?
ME: May we know the job you have today in the office?
CID: Hello! Who is this?
ME: You haven’t answered my question, but if you must know I am ANINI the man you guys are looking for
CID: Please don’t hurt my family, please I’m begging you
ME: I won’t hurt them because they did nothing to me, but I swear I will hurt anything that will make you feel hurt
CID: Please what do you want?
ME: I want my friends to be released otherwise, your wife and one of your daughter’s will be on my custody, just as my friends are in your custody
CID: Your friends are no more under my custody, you guys issue has been placed on National files. It’s beyond my capability now.
ME: Your family life is in the hands of World Powers, so take whatsoever outcome you see
CID: We can talk over this
ME: And I am ready for dialogue
CID: How do you want it to be done?
ME: Drive down to your house; we are here waiting for you.
CID: Okay
ME: Don’t play smart by coming with men of the NPF because they will all die like flies, and get ready to dispose the corpses of those you placed as securities in your compound **call hanged by me**
I quickly wore my mask and asked them all to rise.
They all sat down and I asked the wife to prepare something for us to eat. She did that and we all ate the food together in the dinning.
After the breakfast which we finished at exactly 6:55AM, we sat together in the sitting room gisting.
We went further in asking each other questions and became conversant.
The entire family, who were formally afraid of us, suddenly became relaxed and felt safe with us…
The State CID walked in and found his daughters and wife smiling with us. He was surprised because he taught he will meet them in hardship.
We sat him down and told him all we needed from him, with great caution that if he gives us false information we will fetch him out and kill him.
He complied and gave us all the information we needed before we left.
— — — —
Working with the information given by the State CID, we got to the express way that leads to Benin. We would have lost the show if we didn’t met with the CID.
Instead of the police taking
Which is the normal rout used by transporters, they opted for
Exactly 9:00AM we heard their siren from afar.
We quickly drove a very long bus (Marcopolo bus) along the road, which blocks any coming and going.
In a jiffy the police gets to where we were, they parked their cars on the middle of the road and ordered us to give way for them to pass.
We were just looking at them as they angrily steps down and took cover;
POLICE: I repeat, take off your vehicle from the road or face a disastrous outcome that you never call for
We still ignored them, this time resting on the bus.
Myself and Great-kali observed the 6 Hilux van they used, and discovered the very one that Parcy and Sharon were.
It was the only Van that has different colour, it was a green Hilux pickup while the rest were black.
We knew we can’t just walk into them, rather we decided to stay back so they can do their worst before we start ours. In our minds, we prayed the ‘mother goddess’ should not disappoint us as we waited for them to stone their bullets on us.
The head of the team seeing that we weren’t shaking from the road, ordered them to shot at us, which they all did…
They shot at us continuously and to our greatest surprise, the bullets hit us with the effect of just the force of a groundnut.
{Yes, you know the way the force of a groundnut stone at you can be felt, that was exactly what we felt}
They shot at us for almost 15minutes until some of them got tired.
At this point all the glasses from the bus had been destroyed by their bullets, even part of the Marcopolo were compressed by the effect of the bullets shot by the police, but we were both untouched.
We looked at ourselves and smiled to each other, it’s now time to go rescue our niggers from them.
**Slow motion**
We walked confidently towards them which makes them reload their guns and continue with the firing.
We brought down our crier which has been on our shoulders while resting on the bus, and clear the unlucky police officers off our way.
So many of them died on the spot, while some ran off for their dear life. We shot at them until we got closer to the first police van.
We looked inside to see if there was any living soul but there was none.
That was how we searched all the police vehicles, until we gets to the fifth one.
We saw the officer with three stars and a coat of arm on his rank; he was the Superintendent that led the team.
Assisting him was an officer, a sergeant with three red Vee’s as his rank. They were trying to escape with Parcy and Sharon when we caught them;
ME: Officer nice show! You ordered your men to shoot at us while you were here trying to escape with our friends
PARCY: Oh!!! Sharon I told you not to lost all hope that my brother who I fondly call ‘blooder’ will come rescue us
ME: Patata relax… Now you old fool will you take off those handcuff from their wrist?
SUPERINTENDENT: I will Sir, Sergeant where is the key?
SERGENT: It’s in your pocket na! I don’t have any with me
SUPERINTENDENT: You are correct, my friend please I am sorry
GREAT-KALI: Old man unlock this thing before your hands are shaking like one who saw a ghost.
SUPERINTENDENT: Oh I have opened it, sorry Oga
GREAT-KALI: Are you not the Oga here? (Referring to the Superintendent while observing Sharon) Shakitibobo what is wrong with you?
SHARON: We were given some drugs and it’s really telling on me
ME: You both should step down, Oga police I am sorry to tell you this I can’t spare your lives. You both must die
(Sharon and Parcy alighted from the Van with the help of Greatkali who supports them)
SUPERINTENDENT: Please don’t kill me
ME: If I should spare your life then I am a sinner. You deserved to die because you killed all the officers that are gone. I will spare the Sergeant so he can go tell the rest what happened, while you must die.
He tried to explain but I didn’t listen to his explanation as I shot him down, wasting more several bullets on his chest.
We boldly walked to our car leaving the large bus we drove down on the road.
We got home peacefully, and had a little celebration for the returning of our members to us…


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