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Anini Reloaded – Season 2 Episode 3

At this point in time there was no going back as we have already crossed our heart to carry on with the ritual rites.
Getting to the altar, Babisky instructed us to stand on a platform that was filled with charcoal. We did as he instructed, and after some incantation made by him, he pointed his rod towards the platform which evolve burning flames immediately. The pain from the fire was so severe that we started shouting, he ask us to walk down in turn.
We tried to move fast but our movement seems to be slow like that of a snail.
EXPLANATION ON THE EXPERIENCE: Walking barefooted across a pit like platform, filled with burning hot glowing charcoal. According to Babisky, the fire is to send our soul to the mother goddess while the walking is done in honour of the goddess who will never forsake us when finally gotten the powers. So rather than hurrying across the coal, Greatkali and myself the devotees of the power have to do it slowly.
We finally step down with our legs filled with burnt sores.
We taught it was over, but to our greatest surprise Babisky pointed a direction for us. I turned towards the direction and found two casket that appeared from nowhere, seeing it makes Great-kali to be scared and asked him what we are to do with the casket;
BABISKY: There you shall give up your mortality for immortality, and build up a new flesh that is indestructible
Hearing this, we hastily approached the caskets and lay on it.
The cover of the casket which was lean on the wall covered us all of a sudden, without anyone doing so.
I experienced total darkness and became unconscious.
The next thing I saw was myself laying on a mat. I stood up in a jiffy and realize all the wound on the sole of my feet were all gone. I turned to my right and found Great-kali lying on a separate mat.
I quickly walked to him and tried to wake him up when I heard a voice that echoed from the thin air;
BABISKY: Don’t you dare touch him, for you will make him loss his life forever
(I turned around to search if I could see him, but noticed he was nowhere)
ME: Please show yourself…
BABISKY: You can see me if only you open your eyes
ME: My eyes are opened, please come and wake my friend
BABISKY: He is still going through transformation, yours is faster because you are powerful compare to him and in addition you are a born leader
ME: Why can’t I see you anymore?
BABISKY: You can’t see me because you choose not to
(I was really confused, before I could say another word I heard Great-kali coughing)
He slowly opened his eyes and found me standing in front of him;
GREAT-KALI: What is happening Anini? My wounds are healed.
ME: Likewise mine
We were still conversing when a bright light shun on our eyes. We covered our eyes with our hands only for me to open mine and found myself on the casket again.
I jumped out and found Babisky standing in front of the both casket. It didn’t take long when Great-kali rose up from his own casket;
BABISKY: Welcome to your new world where you will look like gods in the eyes of all sundry
ME: Did you just say god?
BABISKY: Yes, the sky is now your dwelling place and nothing can harm you since the sky is existing
GREAT-KALI: Hehehehe, what a supernatural assurance. I am now above death
BABISKY: You must surely die if you break the only rule I gave
GREAT-KALI: We won’t steal from the innocent and poor ones, we will face politician’s who are the main thieves and give the money to the poor and orphanages.
ME: Is there any other thing we must know?
BABISKY: Don’t betray your team and don’t get lust in love. Those are the things that can make you lose your powers
GREAT-KALI: Love don baff? Apart from this family no girl deserve my love
ME: Babisky the Great, if that be the case we got no problem. We have to go prepare ourselves for the mission we have at hand, which is to rescue our friends. They will be transferred to Abuja in 3days time, which is Saturday
BABISKY: Hahahahahaha!!!
ME: Why are you laughing? Please talk to us
BABISKY: Tomoro is Saturday… You guys were on the casket for 2 good days and woke up today Friday which is the 3rd day.
Myself and Great-kali were astonished, what a surprising news…
Well, I called what Babisky said about being in the casket for 2days surprising news because it’s unbelievable.
I remembered when I entered the casket, how I saw myself laying on a mat and how I suddenly rose up from the casket.
Does it mean all this happened within 2days? Well doubting won’t change what has already happened, we will still leave the place and ask people outside just to confirm.
Babisky walked briskly to an enclosure where he dipped his hands inside and brought out two rings, he gave one to me and the other to Great-kali;
BABISKY: With or without this ring, you will still be powerful but always go with it
ME: May we know the purpose of the ring?
BABISKY: It is meant for communication, with that ring you can get in touch with me or your partners anytime, any day. It will also enable you to get quick signer of any danger, which makes it to be called alertness ring
ME: Thank you the Great one, we shall at all time be indebted to you
BABISKY: Yes of course, I shall contact you whenever I need you. I have seen your victory already in rescuing your friends, but make sure you bring them here for cleansing, so I can give them their own powers
ME: That exactly we shall do, what is our pay?
BABISKY: I need no pay from you, all you have to do is always obey ‘The mother goddess’ by serving her alone. Don’t worship any traditional god or gods. Shakti is a jealous goddess, she shall retrieve all that has been given to you
ME: I am a chief in my community with the tittle ‘OKOLOLO 1 AKA THE TIGER’ does that mean I will drop the title?
BABISKY: You can retain the title and work as a chief but don’t serve their god, don’t even think of paying homage to it because you are even more powerful than that god
GREAT-KALI: Ewele! So we are gods?
BABISKY: You shall discover that yourself, anything your mind wants is what happened in physical. You may now leave
We tried looking for an exit door but couldn’t see any.
Babisky, after laughing for several minutes instructed us to make a wish of any destination and there we shall find ourselves. Obeying his instruction, we then wish to see ourselves in our house and within a twinkle of an eye, we found ourselves in our sitting room.
Great-kali was overwhelmed, knowing that he can now disappear and appear whenever he likes. We laugh together joyfully and ended up drinking champagnes…
This is a fantastic confirmation that we have arrived, our missions will be unstoppable and we shall make ourselves known to the country at large.
After lots of jubilation, we arranged some criers from our stock room and got a nice custom to wear for the mission.
I knew my parents will be worried about me, so I told Great-kali that I have to go see my family and will probably returned in some hour’s time.
Exactly 4:30PM I was is my family’s mansion. They were so happy to see me and openly confessed how they missed me;
ME: Mama, Joy, and Lucky I missed you all too. I had to follow Great-kali to his family house where we stayed for days before returning
JOY: Brother I would have even went to your house, assuming I know where you stay
MUM: Yes, I wanted to asked you this long ago. Where do you stay self? You provided this big house for us which is meant for more than 12persons, and you don’t even stay here with us
ME: Mummy!!! I have my own house na! I stay’s there with Great-kali. Don’t worry I will take you all there someday
MUM: When exactly? Because I want to know your house oo
ME: Okay, any day next week.
LUCKY: Hmmm, Brother please be careful on how you spend money oo. It’s all over the news that some group of Criminals are terrorizing the town, they called themselves the Lion squad
JOY: I even heard that they have caught two of them oo, a girl and a boy who refuse to give the police information about their boss called ‘Anini’
ME: I also heard the news, don’t worry they can’t get me. God is on my side
(Immediately I said that the ring given to me by Babisky, flashes a dim light)
JOY: Brother Eli look at your fine ring, I know that must be very expensive because it blinks light
(I really don’t know why the ring blinks but I believed it’s a signal yet unknown to me)
ME: It’s not that expensive my sister
MUM: All this your flashy things are becoming too much, I will seize some of them if you don’t stop purchasing them
ME: Mama you have started, seizing them won’t stop me from buying more. Actually I am not into flashy things, I just wanna be comfortable.
MUM: I have heard you; I know you missed my food. Let me go and bring you something to eat
ME: Okay mama.
My mum brought a well cooked jollof rice and chicken which I ate with my siblings. She also served some in a flask, for me to give to Great-kali when I get home.
After eating, I stayed with them for some hours before retiring to my house.
— — — —
Reaching home, Great-kali was already sleeping.
I woke him up and asked him if he has eaten, he said he haven’t taken anything because he was waiting for me to return so we can go to any eatery together.
I gave him the food flask from my mother and he devours the contents inside.
that very evening, we made some concrete plan on the next day mission before going to bed…


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