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Anini Reloaded – Season 2 Episode 18 [Completed]


D.G: Please sir, don’t do that please, I still have his number
ME: Ok, (tossing his phone to him) now call him to send his account details.
He did as told and the man happily sends the account details, I was thinking of what to do to him after he makes the transfer. I knew he’s powerful enough to deal with Raymond even after paying the money back;
ME: Now transfer his money to him. (He did hastily)
PARCY: It’s time to go, but before we do I’ll like to give you a parting gift…
Saying that, he killed all the security guards and pointed his gun to the head of the D.Governor;
D.G: Please don’t kill me
ME: Well, I would have let you live, if not that you’re a dangerous man, I know what you’re capable of, but I can still_____…*POOOOOO*
I was cut short by the sound of a gun, I looked at my front to see the D.G in the pool of his own blood, a bullet imprinted in the center of his forehead, I traced where the shot came from and my eyes fell on Sharon.
Her face has turned red with the smell of anger, what she’s angry at is yet to be known. The color of her iris has changed to total darkness, I was afraid inside me because I’ve never seen her that way but I hid it from the others.
I signaled to them and we walked out of the house almost immediately, Great-Khali took his position behind the wheel, started the ignition and off we went.
Three minutes into our journey, police vans and cars started coming out from nowhere, I was marveled at how fast they were. I told Great-Khali to press the pedal harder; I don’t want to go into battle with them yet. I glanced at Sharon and she has this devilish/knowingly smile on her face, before I could say “Calm down” she opened fire on the police.
Seeing this, Parcy and myself have no option that to follow suit as we started raining bullets on the cops, I was lucky to hit the driver of the one behind us in the chest and he lost control of the wheel sending the car crashing, with the one coming behind them and they both exploded.
I thought it has finished but I was wrong when I saw more police vans coming through the fire, “we’re in for a long thing” I said out loud.
Sharon looked excited by the whole thing as she kept on releasing alongside Parcy who was just shouting pratatatatata. It’s been a while since he last shoot like this and he took his time to enjoy what he knows how to do most, though I was shooting, at the same time I was praying that we should escape it, my prayer was countered when a bullet hits the tyre of our bus.
Great-Khali struggled with the wheel but he couldn’t do much as we left the road and crashed into a bush. The bus tumbled almost four times before stopping. We didn’t sustain any injury as we all struggled out, the police has already surrounded us and our criers has been knocked out of our hands.
Lion squad stood in a circle mode, turning their backs on each other, looking helpless as they were surrounded with tons of cops ready to take them down by all means.
I looked at my front to see who led them and I was so surprise to see cynthia’s boyfriend…
“You” I said as he laughed, he was about to say something when I heard a gunshot, I look forward only to see the guy down with a bullet in his skull, guess who shot him… ITS SHARON AGAIN!
How she got hold of a gun I can’t say because the last time I checked, all our guns has already been knocked out. Well the deed was done; all that’s left is to pay for the prize. A policeman fired at Sharon but I was quick enough to intrude it with my chest, the bullet hits me and it penetrates.
I felt my life slowly sipping away as I remembered the face of the dead person in the boiling blood stream, it was myself I saw in the dream. I couldn’t help but let a small tear fall from my eyes, I could hear the crying sound and pleading of Sharon, I struggled to stay awake but it was just for few seconds as I lost consciousness.
I woke up few days later to find myself at the hospital, my left hand cuffed to the bed with four police men standing guard, I knew my family would have heard what happened and I don’t know how I’m gonna face them, my Mum will be so heartbroken that I prayed nothing bad should happen to her.
I was discharged after I recovered and I met with my goons, they were unharmed, Sharon kept seeking for my forgiveness about all that happened, she explained how she felt possessed by a dark energy which she didn’t know where it came from, I knew at once that I was the cause of everything, I was lost in love.
Mum came to visit me at the police custody, she has turned to a shadow of herself, and I seek for her forgiveness as I told her everything from beginning to the end. She forgave me but with a very heavy heart. She also forgives the others too and prayed for us with the hope of leaving there someday.
The government charged us to court with the case of murder and robbery; we didn’t bother to hire a lawyer since it’s obvious that he/she would never win the case. After much talk and deliberations from
the government lawyers, the judge finally passed his judgment;
JUDGE: After much deliberation from the lawyers it shows that you’re guilty of the charges laid against you, this is my judgment, you Mr. Anini and the rest of your gang are hereby sentence to life imprisonment.
Eli and the rest were given freedom after much pleas and protest from those that have benefited in their fight for justice one way or the other, especially Mr. Raymond. He made sure the government find a job for them in the force. Finally they were lucky to be taken and they still retain their title *LION SQUAD*, boldly written on the van they use
Parcy rested his back on the Range Rover 2027, as he pressed his phone with his right hand and an AK47 hanging loosely on the second hand, Great-Khali on his left side, Sharon on the right side while Eli stood at the center of the tarred road with an AK47 hanging on his shoulder, ready to shoot.
Their mission there is to stop a robbery attempt; they waited patiently as they could hear the sound of a car approaching…
ELI: Here they come guys
SHARON: Time for the gods again.
GREAT-KHALI: What did you say????
PARCY: Let’s burst some bubble!!



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