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Anini Reloaded – Season 2 Episode 17


deputy governor has 2 houses here in Lagos
and five others in different states, he has two
wives who stays with him plus many
girlfriends, each wife gave birth to 3 children
making his children 6, the sixth of them is
currently out of the country. ME: Security
tightness? GREAT-KHALI: He has a very tight
security, even the president of Nigeria is
competing with him when you talk about
security PARCY: (Smirked) he’s handwork is
evil then, why wouldn’t he have a tight
security? ME: Let’s know what we’re dealing
with. GREAT-KHALI: At his main house where
he sleeps with his wives, he has a total of 30
armed men, men with tough military training.
There are 5 outside the building, 15 inside the
compound while the reaming 10 are inside his
main cottage, so it’ll be a very tough mission
for someone to penetrate and get to him. I
also confirmed that the man is spiritually
fortified. PARCY: That’s for an ordinary person
SHARON: So what’s the plan? ME: We strike
during lunch time, no matter how tough a
man can be, you’ll always eat something to
retain the strength PARCY: Na true talk ME:
We take them off guard, we strike straight, no
foreplay because the more we waste time the
more the risk of being napped GREAT-KHALI:
We’re going fully armed this time around, we
may be needing some explosive, remember
we’re dealing with a top citizen ME: Yeah, we
don’t know what might happen PARCY/
SHARON: Why are you talking like this? ME:
Like how? SHARON: Like something bad will
happen? ME: Nothing bad will happen, it’s
just a precaution measure… I wasn’t even
sure of the statement I made, with all the
nightmares and bad signs I’ve been noticing
all this while, I still believes nothing bad will
OPERATION DAY * We prepared physically
and spiritually, ready to face anybody that
comes our way. We all assembled in the
sitting room to have a last briefing before
embarking on our operation, I reminded them
of the danger that comes if we kill any
innocent soul and they all promise to apply
discretion in throwing bullets from their
criers. Parcy carried the two bags on the
table, it contains our cries and explosives. We
headed out to our waiting bus. Hmmm, I
suggested we take the bus because I imagined
the kind of damage that will happen to both
side (we and military), and they all agreed.
Great-Khali got behind the wheel and we took
the passenger’s seat and off we went.
We got there just when the five guards
outside are about to change position with
another five from inside, so that they’ll go for
lunch giving us a total of 10men outside.
Great-Khali drove roughly to their midst and
before they could react, Parcy and Sharon has
already sent bully flying at them, taking each
man down with at least 2bullets in the skull
or chest. The sound of the bullets might have
alerted those inside as I started hearing shouts
from within. Someone barking orders at the
rest in a commanding tone, I signaled to my
team to wait that I’ll go first. It’s time again to
test if bullet wouldn’t penetrate our immortal
body. I silently prayed to the mother goddess
not to forsake us at this point. I opened the
gate and step inside to the waiting hands of
bullets, many groundnuts (bullets) hit me but
I felt nothing, I removed my hands from my
pockets, bringing out two pistols which I used
in sending two men down on a go, each man
with a bullet in the skull, my goons followed
behind and they waste no time in sending
corpse lying on the floor, releasing different
hits on skull, limps, chest, eyes, and g—n.
We walked towards the door where I turned
the door knob but the door refused to give
way, “playing smart” I thought; ME:
(Laughing) they want to test our ability
PARCY: Make we show dem watin we get, my
blood dey boil like-this like-this. We met
ourselves in the lavish sitting room; the
security men were so shocked to see us. I
could see fear in their eyes but that doesn’t
deter them from pulling the trigger and that
also doesn’t deter us too from turning them to
corpse. I scanned the whole sitting room for
the Deputy Governor, but couldn’t find him, I
guess he has cowered inside his room. I
located his room in no time, to see the foolish
man banging one of his numerous sluts while
his guards were outside dyeing, I was so
angry that I wasted no time in sending bullets
to the girl’s head, he looked back to see who
did it and he was shocked to see me standing
there with a devilish smile on my face. I
dragged him naked to the sitting room, where
he met five men on their knees with their
heads down. I told him to kneel down as well
which he did without hesitation, leaving me
with no other option than to smile as I took
my seat; ME: (Looking at the guards) raise
your head, (they did) look at who you call
your boss, he was having sex while you’re
here sacrificing your lives for him, you fools;
PARCY: Dem be ode, common sense dem nor
get ME: So, Mr. D.G, the sex addict old fool,
what do you think we are here for? D.G: What
do you want, please tell me? PARCY:
(Anointed him with a slap) you dey craze, you
no dey fear, Na my boss you dey talk to like
that? SHARON: Whenever you’re talking, you
talk with your head down, grab that? D.G: Am
sorry sir ma
ME: Sir Ma your head…. You owe
MR. Raymond 100 of millions, Yes or No? D.G:
Yes sir ME: Why haven’t you paid him? D.G:
Erm Erm…
Parcy gave him another deafening slap that I wonder if the man will be able to hear anything again, the boy like slapping so much and I had to halt him when he was about to give him another one;
ME: I hope you still have the man’s account number?
D.G: Ah, no sir (crying), I deleted it
GREAT-KHALI: Wow! That’s good and I hope it’s not a bad thing for us to delete you also?
PARCY: See as the Rod when he take dey butcher fresh sharwama bend like plantain (hiting his manhood with gun)


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