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Anini Reloaded – Season 2 Episode 16


The sky looked dark with a red cloud. The
clouds can be what you call Blood Ocean; an
ocean which you don’t know where it came from or where it’s going to, the sky has no
limit likewise the Blood Ocean. The thunder
rumbled loudly like the heaven is angry at
creatures on the earth.
I looked at the sky, fear gripped my heart, and I stared into the air where I saw nothing
but a thick fog, not an ordinary fog but a thick
reddish fog. I looked at my feet and found out
that I’m standing on sand mixed with blood
soil, I was thrown into fear and confusion at
the same time. I started walking, going straight without
destination. I walked slowly, rotating my
left and right in searching mode, maybe I’ll
see something to satisfy my curiosity. I have
walked for like 15mins and am yet to see or touch anything, I wanted to turn back but I
decided to give it a second thought so I kept
on walking and the more I walked the more
the fog become clearer.
I finally got to a stream, blood flowing
stream if I may say, I felt tasty but I can’t in anyway
even in my wildest dream drink blood, I was
even more confused with what I’ve seen
earlier, I need answers!.
It was just as if the water/blood heard my
voice as it started boiling up with a strong hot
smoke emanating from it. Standing close to if
felt like am in hell, I felt as if it was on my
body that the hot water was boiling.
a dead human body came out of the boiling surface, I stared intently to identify the
person and to my greatest fear the body
belongs to___
Suddenly I sprung up from the bed, my body
was as hot as hell, my clothes wet with
sweat, I looked around me to found out am still in
the hotel room,” I was having a nightmare” I
yelled curiously, as I stood up to go take a
*************** ******************
My mum came the next day and I went to
meet her at the village with the guys but
before we set off, I went to Alicia place in the
morning to spend some time with her to
celebrating the good news. She was so happy to see me that I wonder what the reason
might be.
I got to meet Cynthia’s boyfriend there, he’s a
cool and nice guy, friendly and fun to be with
but he has some kind of strange aura around
him that I can’t place my hand on, so I ignored it.
He said we should go out to town to
something like a date but I declined telling
them my reason and that I wouldn’t stay long
there. When it was around 12PM, my mum called to
tell me that she’s already in the village and I
told her to give me some minutes because
currently not at the hotel. I took Alicia to
somewhere private to inform her of me departure, she felt bad about it but got no
choice than to let me go.
We got to the village in a jiffy and went
straight to the palace, I was very happy to
see my Mum in good health, I consoled the
queens who were surprise to see me
they didn’t expect me to come or they
I don’t want to come. After that I went to meet the other chiefs to
have some words with them, the palace was
looking pure, fresh and cool with no dark
energy around it again.
We spent less than an hour there before we
took our leave, I was about to enter into the bus we came with when a maid started
my name, I looked at her and gave her a
questioning gaze. She pulled me to one corner
and said she saw what happened that day,
she started to explain but what she didn’t know was how I escaped.
I looked at her with a smile and cooked up
some lies for her, I gave her some change
discharge her before joining my guys. They
noticed something unusual about me as I approached them, but I told them to go back
to the hotel that I have something to discuss
with Mum which they oblige.
Mum came back after like 2hrs, I was taking
a nap when she came, she woke me up and I
wasted no time in sitting her down. I explained everything to her omitting the
gruesome killing of the King and elder, she
was very angry but all the same she thanked
God for keeping me alive.
She prepared something for me to eat. I
wasn’t really hungry but I ate it like tomorrow won’t come, it’s been a while
I taste homemade food.
I was about to sleep at night when I made a
statement that threw Mum into confusion…”In
days to come, things might never be the same
again” I said…
We left the village 2days later, taking my Mum along to save her the stress of waiting at the garage for public transport.
When we got home, we decided to branch at the family house before going home. Lucky and Joy were so happy to see us, and hastily prepared something for us to eat.
Sharon and Joy went inside to discuss as usual and I noticed Sharon’s gloomy look when they were going. I was just thanking my stars, because Mum was so tired to notice it or I would have received some scolding from her. At this junction, I was really confused on what to do about Sharon, ever since Alicia came into our lives, things has never been the same though we were never into any relationship.
I asked Lucky about his school processing, and he told me that he has gained admission into the University of Ibadan. The joy in me knew no bound because that’s what I’ve always dreamt of, for my siblings to go to standard university.
A thought came into my mind as we were chatting, which engineered me to take Lucky to an empty room just to have a private discussion with him;
ME: What preparation have you made?
LUCKY: I’ve made some necessary preparations, all that’s left is for the school to resume so I can finish the remaining procedures
ME: That’s good… I don’t know how you guys are using the money I dropped, but I will give you something special for your school. Do you have a bank account?
LUCKY: Why do you asked bros?
ME: Nothing really, just answer my question
LUCKY: Yes, I opened one about 2months ago
ME: That’s good
LUCKY: (Suspiciously) Hope everything is alright?
ME: (Fake a smile) Yes, perfectly alright.
We went back inside to continue the fun with the guys, by that time Sharon and Joy has already gotten back to the sitting room. Sharon has cheered up and I was happy to see her do so, I couldn’t accept the fact that she’s not happy because of me, it just didn’t feel right.
We left the family house around 4PM. Before leaving, I collected Lucky’s account number, and on our way home we branched at a supermarket to buy some things before heading straight home. We got home; freshen up, before I and Sharon stayed back while Great-Khali and Parcy decided to hit the club.
Alicia called to know if we’re already home and I told her ‘Yes’, after which we chatted for a while on phone before she hung up.
I rested my head on the chair as I remembered what transpired between me and Joy before we left…
JOY: Senior bros you’re annoying me, do you know that?
ME: No, perhaps you can tell me what I did wrong
JOY: (Soberly) what did Sharon did wrong?
ME: What do you mean?
JOY: Why can’t you just give her a chance uh?
ME: Uhm (sighed deeply)
JOY: She told me everything that happened on your tour or what should I call it, yes she has a past, a dirty one at that but you should give her a chance and don’t see her as a cheap s–t
ME: (Withdrawn) You’re still young for this, you can’t understand
JOY: (With seriousness) Do you know what you’re saying, I may be young but what’s here is not (touching her head).
ME: (Jokingly) I never knew my kid sister is now grown up, happy to hear that
JOY: I’m not joking, she loves you, and don’t you see that? Perhaps you’ve tasted her and you think you can just dump her… Bros its unfair and I know you won’t take that from anyone that tried it on me (she shouted and walked out on me, leaving me surprised)
I looked so confused, a god is supposed to be happy forever but am not at the moment, I struggled with my thinking ability but I can’t seem to find a solution to this puzzle that lays in front of me.
Sharon took a seat beside me on the couch, she gently lay her head on my shoulder and remain silent, I glanced at her face and only one thing came to my mind…”AM BEING UNFAIR”
We stayed still for awhile, life seems to come to a halt for the both of us as we were lost in the moment, both of us with different thoughts on our heads, both of us with our worries and confusions. I glanced at the wall clock and it reads 6:12PM, I gently tapped Sharon that it’s time to start cooking something before the guys arrive.
She stood up and head to the kitchen while I followed suit, she gave me the “what are you doing” look when she saw me coming behind her;
ME: (Smiling) I don’t want you to be lonely in the kitchen. (I fatefully muttered)
She smiled at me before proceeding with cooking.
In a jiffy, the food was ready. We left the kitchen and settled down in front of the TV to play some animation game.
We were totally engaged with the game-set as Sharon found it interesting, it got us laughing at the top of our voice when the guys came in at exactly 7:38PM.
They looked wasted with each of them holding a bae (those olosho), I knew they need the shawama badly which prompted them bringing those girls in that late. I was invisibly angry with that but I kept my cool because I knew they got right to do anything that pleases them. They freshened up and took some rounds before coming out to join me and Sharon. Sharon dished out the food for all and we ate happily.
After eating I retired to my room and picked up my phone to do some transactions.
I checked my bank account balance and was satisfied with what I saw. I confidentially made a transfer of almost everything I had in it to Lucky’s account, leaving only few hundreds of thousands. After am done with that, I threw the phone on the bed as my mind drifted off to our next mission.


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