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Anini Reloaded – Season 2 Episode 15


ME: Mr. Simon, it took us sometime to get you and I wouldn’t mind playing with few more time with you before I end your miserable life here in front of your family (I paused to look at his face)
I looked at them (His wife and children) and saw the fear on their faces, I couldn’t help but pity them. They didn’t know the kind of man he is or what he does to other people, I guess he’s good at masking his character at home. He has two kids, a boy and a girl (twins) his wife is beautiful and a full housewife, he doesn’t allow her to work, “A sword-man can cut someone’s head but can’t allow his head to be cut off” I thought;
MR. SIMON: Please don’t kill me.. I’ll give you anything you want
ME: Why is it that big men like you always volunteer to pay anything for lives? Like I earlier said, we’re not here for your money because we aren’t armed robbers and when it comes to cash, we got plenty of it
PARCY: We are here to teach you some lessons, real lessons man
ME: He’s right, do you know this person (showing him a picture on my phone)…
The photo is not Alicia’s but for a lady he raped as of recent and got her fired by lieing against her that she was having sex with one of their staffs in the office after closing hours, I wonder how the board of directors could be fooled not to know that he was lieing against those girls.
MR. SIMON: Y..Y..Yes, she was once my secretary
ME: Well am happy or should I say sad to tell you that what you did to her has made her loose her mind, because she hasn’t being able to say anything or remember anybody since then, I guess you’re a good soul breaker.
With that I stood up in anger, my blood was really boiling that I thought my skin will melt from its hotness, I felt like strangling him to death or better still choke him by grabbing his testicles till his face turn grey and life slowly slip away from him. But I didn’t want to
kill him for I was seeing the apologetic and fear face his wife and children are giving me.
I concluded he’s just a lucky bastard because if it was back then wen Anini dey collect money with guns and explosives, I go don dash ahm one bullet for his head and another at the middle of his chest. The guys begged me to calm down and go on with the earlier plan;
ME: Oh..I remember… our findings made it known that you’ve done almost the same thing to numerous ladies that worked under you, especially the secretaries.
MR. SIMON: (Trembling) sir please forgive me, I’ll change, in-fact I have already changed this moment, please spare my life, I’ll do anything you want me to
ME: Sure you’ll do it even if you don’t want to (Turning to Great-Khali)… Please get the camera…
Great-Khali did as told and he positioned the camera in a way that it’s only Simon that will be captured. I asked his wife to sit beside me while we listen to her husband’s atrocities, I commanded him to start confessing ranging from Alicia to the last girl.
After the confession session, we made him write a resignation letter which he read every single word out for us to avoid him playing a fast one on us though he surely wouldn’t dare. From step to step, we finally accomplish the mission successfully.
Sharon sat patiently on the bed with her legs crossed, throwing daggers at me with her eyes. I guess she was keeping her anger in check; I stood beside the bed with wrapper tied to my waist while some trail of water drip down from my body as I just finished having a shower.
I waited patiently to hear whatever she wanted to say, but yet I was uncomfortable with her stare as I saw her staring at my bare chest, the look on her eyes was a mixture of lust and anger. She closed her eyes and breathe in and out before speaking up;
SHARON: It was about her right?
ME: (Confused) Who?
SHARON: Alicia
ME: What about her?
SHARON: The mission was because of her, and the thought of what he did to her made you that much angry
ME: (Silent)
SHARON: Are you loosing it? You barely even know her, someone you met just few hours ago and you’ve started making decisions and conclusions because of her, you may think you know her now but you might be wrong
ME: (The words got to me, but I pretended it didn’t) ok ok…I’ve heard you, are you done?
SHARON: What have I done wrong to you?
ME: What do you mean?
SHARON: (Her voice breaking) why are you treating me this way?
I moved closer to her and sat beside her, I wrapped my hand behind her shoulders and drew her against my chest, as she let tears flow freely from her eyes;
SHARON: Do you know how much it hurts to see you talk to another lady? Do you know how horrible I always feel whenever you’re not around? Do you know how full I feel whenever you cuddle to yourself when we sleep?
ME: I’m sorry (I was short of words, I don’t even know what else to say)
SHARON: It’s crazy to say this but I LOVE YOU…
Bang! My head felt like it was hit with a sledgehammer, I was like “this is not good”
I didn’t even know how to reply what she said because it took me off guard, yes I knew all along that she has a thing for me but I don’t expect it to be love and for her to say it out, mehn its really something. I held her to myself and let her cry while I think of my life.
She slowly reached for my chest when her cry subsidized, stroking my chest slowly and her long nails tickling me, I looked down at her and she give me small smile, she slowly brought her lips to mine and we kissed passionately, our tongues tackling each other like they’re on a battlefield, well they’re on a battlefield of lovemaking.
I went for a re-bath. I was so exhausted from the lovemaking sexton we had, if I could remember vividly, Sharon was saying things unconsciously when we were having sex, at a point into the pleasure, I became afraid that I thought of getting off her but she held me firm to herself.
She made some *bad* revelation of what she was thinking in her head. She planned to kill Alicia so that I will feel how it hurts not to have someone you love by your side, my head was thrown into confusion because I don’t know if I should take the matter serious or not.
I was so confused that I don’t know if I should still have something to do with Alicia or not. I don’t even know what I’ll do if any harm comes to her, I might go crazy or become a monster. I can’t deny myself of the truth again because I already fell in love with her, what I have for Sharon was just attraction which might later turn to hatred if care is not taken.
I came out of the bathroom, I toweled my body and wore something simple because it’s already late in the evening and I can’t go anywhere again. I gave my Mum a call to know how she’s fairing and asked her about my siblings, that was when she told me that she’s coming to the village the next day to sympathize with the king’s family.
I was not comfortable with what she wanted to do, so I asked her why, she told me she received a call from the third wife to please come at least am a chief in the village, if I’m not chanced to go then she should be able to have time to come.”D–n” I thought, this people are on it again, what is my own or my family problem with the bad king’s death.
I told her to come that I want to tell her everything that happened when I met with the evil king and the elder. She blessed me over the phone, and told me to extend her greetings to the others; she ended the call and I sighed deeply. “Why is things happening like this?” I asked myself.
I was so lost in thought that I don’t know what to even think again, I decided to call who I think can make me happy and that person is no other person than Alicia, I dialed her number and she picked at second ring;
ME: Hello beautiful!
ALICIA: Hi handsome
ME: How are you doing today?
ALICIA: Fine and you
ME: Kind of bored
ALICIA: Uh sorry dear… (Excited) guess what?
ME: (Anxious) What?
ALICIA: Guess na?
ME: (Smiling) you hit a jackpot of million dollars?
ALICIA: You’re a bad guesser but you try sha (I can bet she was rolling her eyes playfully)
ME: So, what’s making my queen happy?
ALICIA: First, Mr. Simon, hoped you remember him?
ME: Yes
ALICIA: He was made to confess all his atrocities by some unknown gunmen, he was also recorded confessing and they asked him to go turn himself in, at the police station
ME: Wow! That’s nice; he deserved it, what’s the second one?
ALICIA: There’s this company that I went for interview few weeks ago, I received a message from them yesterday that they’ve finally decided to give me the job
ME: (Happy) Woa! What a good and great news, this call for celebration
ALICIA: Yes, we need to celebrate
ME: So, when are you starting work?
ALICIA: Next tomorrow
ME: That means we can celebrate tomorrow
ALICIA: Yep, I’ll be expecting you
ME: See you tomorrow then
ALICIA: Bye dear…
I hung up and flung onto the bed, I was very tired and at the same time having a terrible headache. I called for room service and ordered for salad and a packet of Panadol Extra, hanging up after making the order and laid my back on the bed thinking about nothing in particularly.
I was about drifting off when I heard the door bell, I asked who it was and he said He’s the room service, I ushered him in and he served my requirement, I thanked him before he left.
In duration of no time I ate and took the drug, before I knew what was happening, I drifted off to the dream land.


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