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Anini Reloaded – Season 2 Episode 14


I stood outside the Hotel by the gate waiting for Alicia, I have earlier told the guys of my movement and I clearly saw the Jealous look on Sharon’s face but that didn’t deter me from doing what I wanted to do. I barely know why I was so serious in tracking her, but I think I find her attractive though.
I saw Alicia coming out of the hotel with changed clothe, she’s now wearing a short free blue gown that stopped just above her knee, the gown did a great job of hiding her hips but not her boobs. I pretended like I didn’t see her and concentrates on my phone, typing nothing in particular, I was about to check where she reached when I turned back and found her just in front of me smiling;
ALICIA: Waiting for me?
ME: Uh! Hmmm (Nodding my head affirmatively)
ALICIA: (Whining) Really? Why?
ME: Nothing, just felt like hanging out with you before I leave.
ALICIA: Hmm, I dunno…
ME: So, where will you take me to?
ALICIA: My house perhaps.
ME: Sounds like a good idea… You’re looking good
ALICIA: Thanks and you’re not bad either… Let’s go
We boarded a taxi to her street. On our way I made a mental note to know the routes we took and where we told the Driver we’re going.
Myself and Alicia gisted formally as we were in the taxi, and I eventually convinced her to give me her number even if she picked up a show by forming hard-to-get.
We arrived at her place in less than 30mins, she’s not the only one living there, she was living with one of her friend who accommodated her for the time being. She planned moving out when she achieve money to rent an apartment for herself.
The house is a two bedroom flat. Getting there we didn’t meet her friend at home, “she’s yet to return from her place of work” Alicia said… She ushered me in and told me to feel free as she entertained me in the little way she can. She went in to change into something simple, and returned looking beautiful even without makeup;
ME: How was work today?
ALICIA: Fine but kind of stress-filled
ME: Oh sorry! So why are you working at a hotel instead of a business firm?
ALICIA: (Sighed deeply) I once work in a company
ME: (Interested) what happened?
ALICIA: (With a downcast gaze) I worked with Xyz as a secretary for the General Manger, one Mr. Simon, I worked hard to the extent that I work overtime almost 5days out of the 6days we use at work. After about six months of working for him, Mr. Samson started making funny moves on me, complimenting me at any slight opportunity he got, telling me to wear shorts and offering to take me out for dinner or hangout with me every Sunday. At first, I thought he meant nothing bad because he didn’t say anything out of the ordinary, acting cool until one day when he approached me and told me to be going out with me, though he’s a handsome man and nice. I don’t really know how I figure out but he has a darker side. I politely refused his proposal which he acted cool about. I thought everything is fine until he started acting bossy, blaming me at any slight chance and all sorts of bad things. But he did what makes me resent him, (crying…) he forced himself on me right in his office, as if that isn’t enough, he lied to the board of directors that I was seducing him with some invincible evidence I don’t know of. After much deliberation by the boards and convincing from Mr. Simon, they eventually relief me of my post and gave me a sack letter, I begged but all to no avail as their minds were already made up. I accepted my fate and started applying for jobs in other companies, even small ones but I wasn’t employed and after searching and nothing came, I settled down for the hotel job so that I wouldn’t have to depend on my friend…
I was so dumbfounded and at the same time angry after I heard her story, I was touched and felt this hunger for revenge boiling in me and revenge I vow at that moment to take for her. I glance at her and saw her crying face; I can’t help but draw her closer to me. She cried freely on my chest as I soothe her;
ME: (Rubbing her hair) sorry dear, where does this Mr. Simon live?
ALICIA: I dunno, I’ve never been to his house
ME: Ok, give me the address of the company…
She gave me and started to relax on my body as her breathing reduces to steady and normal.
I drifted into the world of thoughts after she relaxed on my chest, I can’t help but think of a way to take down the so called Mr. Simon, I wonder what the country is turning into, people cheating/
robbing/matching other people because they’re superior than them in power and money… I was glad I can do something for those people…
A knock on the door shifted my attention and
drafted me from my taught, I was so oblivious
of the surrounding that I didn’t heard the
sound of the small gate that was opened
outside, I would have been caught off guard if
the person didn’t knock. I looked at Alicia’s
face only to find out that she’s already fallen
asleep, I gently lay her on the couch and move
towards the door to open it..
I opened only to find a beautiful lady standing
at the door, she have this sexy face and lips
with a killer curve but all in all, she’s not as
beautiful as Alicia or Sharon…
She scrutinized me within 30seconds and
licked her lips unconsciously, which made me
to present a shy appearance. She finally
looked at my face and gave me the ‘who are
you’ look;
ME: (Smiling) Hello beautiful lady!
LADY: (Mimicking me and smiling) Hi
ME: What can I do for you please?
LADY: I came to pay my friends visit… Aren’t
you going to usher me in?
ME: Sorry, pardon my manners, please do
come in…
She entered and saw Alicia sleeping on the
couch wearing a yellow Singlet and yellow
bum-shot to match, she glance at me and give
me the ‘Hope you didn’t touch my friend’
LADY: So, who are you?
ME: I’m Eli and a friend of Alicia (pointing at
her)… You?
LADY: Am Cynthia, a friend and flat mate of
ME: Wow Wow! She told me about you, don’t
know you’re an angel, she fail to include
CYNTHIA: (Blushing) Thanks
ME: You know you got me back there
ME: That you are here to visit a Friend of
CYNTHIA: Uh, well (She shrugged)
We chatted for a while and she later went
inside to freshen up after a hectic day at
work. Surprisingly, Alicia woke up before she
came back, and they both trill me with their
combined jokes and fun games.
The ladies were so fun to be with as they
entertain me to the fullest and make me
laugh hard which I haven’t done in a long
They told me almost everything about
themselves with me only giving them little
about myself; as much as I tried I couldn’t
take my eyes off Alicia. I even got caught by
Cynthia, who teased me about liking her
friend and playfully warned me never to hurt
her or else…
I eventually left their place by 7:00PM. I was
so marveled at how time passes by without
one noticing, you’ll use almost 5hrs at a
certain destination and it will seems like just
1hr. That was exactly what happened to me in
the company of the girls, I took a cab back to
the hotel where I met my goons at the hotel
restaurant having fun, eating suya and
drinking red wine. I was only surprised how
the suya got there, because they don’t sell
such in the hotel.
I greeted them and settled down on a vacant
seat, Parcy and Great-Khali answered
cheerfully while Sharon mumble an inaudible
reply, saying things under her breathe and
that jealous look on her face earlier has turn
to something I can call anger, an anger that
can make someone commit murder… I ignored
her and decided to speak up;
ME: Attention! (Facing Parcy and Sharon) I
think Great-Khali has updated you guys on
our next mission.
ME: We have another one that I’ll want us to
do as soon as possible, if possible tomorrow.
GREAT-KHALI: Detail..?
ME: One Mr. Simon who works at xyz
company, he’s the General Manager of the
company. That’s what I have for now; perhaps
you can do more research about him.
PARCY: Offense?
ME: Raping of female staff and lieing against
her, causing the board of directors to fire her
and perhaps many female workers under him
have passed through the same or other bad
things from him
SHARON: Strategy?
ME: Make him confess all his atrocities the
soft way or the hard way while we record, we
will also make him write a resignation letter
immediately and go straight to the police
station to report himself
GREAT-KHALI: I’ll try to work on it right now
and I hope we get something tangible about
him before the night runs out, I don’t think
he wil be a hard nut to crack
ME: I think so too, but you can never judge a
book by its cover
PARCY: Either which way, he’s going down
I rounded up the meeting and they
concentrated back on what they were all
doing earlier “Eating suya” after which Great-
Khali set to work immediately as he went to
his hotel room engaging himself with his
computer, well he can be a computer guru


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