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Anini Reloaded – Season 2 Episode 12


I woke up the next day feeling strong; I looked at my side to find Sharon still sleeping peacefully. In satisfaction I smiled to myself which later turned to a frown, hoping something wasn’t wrong with me because I tend to develop an uncalled anger…
I stood up and went into the bathroom to have my bath. Sharon was already up before I finish bathing. Hastily, I put on a short and singlet before going into the living room and met only Parcy playing with his phone and laughing with earpiece plugged to his ears, I concluded that he was watching a comedy skit. Just to engage him with a talk, I walked up to him, and immediately he noticed my presence he removed the earpiece and greeted me.
We kept discussing till the remaining guys met us there, I allowed them to settle down before I raised the Village issue up;
ME: As we’ve already known we’re going to the village today, we’re not going for a visit but for a mission like we’ve been doing and we’re going to use our teleporting power to the fullest.
PARCY: Watin you mean by that?
ME: We’re not driving into the village so as not to announce our presence
GREAT-KHALI: Ok, this is how we’re to go about it; we’ll drive to a nearby town and lodge into a hotel, so from there we can easily materialize to the village.
ME: Yeah that’s it… So are the criers ready? Though we might not need them
SHARON: Always ready
ME: Ok, we’re set to go then, we can get back to our previous activities and make ourselves ready by 2pm
ALL: Okay
ME: Sharon please fix us something to eat, I’m feeling so hungry
She smile and head for the kitchen to cook something, while I grab the Game pad and switch on the TV to play ‘Rise To Honor by jet li’…
We left home at exactly 2:15PM in our Toyota 18 passengers’ bus. We specially bought the bus for disguise incase we’re going to a faraway place like this one, we drove to a nearby filling station to full our tank after which we left there and headed for the village straight without dropping by anyplace because we don’t have anything to do or buy. On our way, I called my Mum and told her about the movement.
After hours of driving we got to the nearest town, and drove for like another 30mins looking for a good hotel to lodge in. We finally got one and drove in, the environment was serene and breathtaking, the gateman saluted us and have a little conversation with us before directing us to the parking lot, he is was the jovial type.
We parked and head straight in, myself and Great-Khali went to sit at the hotel restaurant while Parcy and Sharon went to meet the female receptionist to check-in.
I could see the receptionist smiling and at the same time using her eyes to scrutinize Parcy, I was like ‘choi, parcy don dey flirt with this girl’. The girl glance at where Great-Khali and I were, and I could decipher Sharon has told her she’s going to be in a room together with me.
They finished and walked up to us, they told us they ordered for two room, one for Parcy/Great-Khali and the other for Me/Sharon. Parcy threw me the key with the number 107 on it, and we head straight to our rooms with our roommates.
In duration of no time we were in our rooms, where we freshen up and head back to the Restaurant to get something to eat.
When it was 8PM we went back inside the room to prepare for our mission, changing into our outfit but without mask, the masks were kept in the bag which held the criers.
We teleported to my family house in the village, the place look so silent like a graveyard;
ME: Guys this is where we separate for now, you need to be ready always because I can send the signal at anytime, I don’t know what to meet at the palace
PARCY: We’re always ready
ME: Good, make sure you bring the criers along, who knows we might be killing some pests…
We all laughed at my statement before I left the trio in the compound. I head for the palace, stopping once in a while to greet those who have sharp eyes enough to recognize me in the dark, someone even asked me if I was going to a mafia war for me to wear that kind of outfit, I just laughed and dismiss him with a joke…
I got to the palace to meet the king outside having fresh air, I was greeted by the servants while the king stood up and shook hand with me. He dismissed all the servants remaining only four mean and heavy looking guards, he was all smiles but I can capture wicked intention behind those smile because it didn’t reach his eyes;
KING: I was waiting for you, I knew you will come, you’re the true son of your father.
ME: You seem to know my Father much (I interrogated)
KING: Hahahaha! Yes, he’s my good friend; in fact I’ve known your family way before I became the king
ME: Wow! I never knew that
KING: So, what should I offer you?
ME: Anything is good…
He waved his hand and one of the guards went in to bring a red label wine, I didn’t know this man too drink good drinks, I thought he’s one of those kings who drink Palm wine only. I didn’t want to drink it because it has already been opened, but the King convinced me that he just opened it. I checked the cup in his front and saw that it has the same content.
I took a sip from the wine and noticed the king smiled in satisfaction, I was surprised and had to view the glass cup once again. I didn’t take it further as I drop the cup on the table, In pretence I took out my phone to send message to the guys, I typed what I wanted to send and was about to click the OK button when I noticed that my hand isn’t moving and I started feeling dizzy.
I struggled to click send and return the phone back to my pocket; I knew the message wouldn’t deliver at that moment due to network problem. I struggled to stay awake but it didn’t last for long as I went into the world of darkness.
The king smiled in satisfaction as he saw me falling backwards due to the effect of the drug added to the wine, he would have added poison but because he still have a huge amount to demand from me before he kills me, he decided to make fall into a deep sleep for the time being.
He ordered the four mean looking men to carry Eli’s unconscious body to their special place, a place known to the king, the four guards and the elder.
They carried him like a dead corpse while the king followed behind with cup of wine in his hand, he kept smiling and sipping his drink till they got to a place that look like an underground passage, the door was old but still standing fit.
They got in and did a good job in tying Eli with thick rope to a poll. The king took the chair in front of the poll, he took out his phone and dialed the elder’s number, the man picked at first ring. “Meet me in there” the king said and dropped the call.
The elder got there in less than 10minutes, smiling devilishly, he has waited so much for this day to come, a dey when he would become a millionaire again. Their reason for capturing Eli is to force him to send some certain amount of money and discard him at the end;
KING: What do you think?
ELDER: He’s right where we want him
KING: Now to the next step, let’s get this over quickly
ELDER: (Turn to one of the guards) go get some water. Just as the guard was about to move, Eli made a movement with his head, grunting in the process as he opened his eyes…
I can’t help but grunt as I started regaining consciousness; I woke up with a banging headache. Whatever they add to the drink is something very dangerous to the body and can kill if added in large quantity. I opened my eyes to see that I have been tied to a poll, I look around and the place look very dark.
I saw the King, an elder and the four guards looking at me in amazement;
KING: Wow! What a remarkable strength you’ve got
ELDER: Those that we’ve used the drug on either wakes after we bath them with a 25litre jerry can of water, or they wakes no more
ME: What do you want from me? (Coughing)
KING: You look tough but not as stubborn as your father, Hmm! it seems you’re the cooperative one.
ME: What are you insinuating? (Confused)
KING: Hahahaha! Your father was once in the spot you are, why don’t you explain to him elder Thomas…
ELDER: You see young man, your Father was rich and thought because he’s richer than us he can do anything or anyhow he likes, so we called him one day to collect some amount of money from him but he didn’t give us rather he told us to work hard. We had no choice than to bring him here and after series of threatening he accepted to give us what we wanted. True to his word, he gave us even more than what we asked for, and we planned to silence him before he start saying what we did to him, so we concluded to torture him but it seems we’re not the only one after him then, your Uncle double-crossed us and finished the job unknowingly.
KING: We shouldn’t have told you this, but since you’re going to meet him soon, we need to give you a parting gift.
ELDER: What we need now is small; we just want you to wire the sum of 100million into our account.
ME: (I laughed wickedly which left them confused) How do you expect me to do that uh?
KING: Well, your phone is with you and with just a phone call, you should be able to do that…
He moved closer to me and dipped his hand into my pocket, he took out my phone, pressed the button and his eyes widen in shock by what he saw. Just then, we heard a voice from behind…
VOICE: Nice one king


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