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Anini Reloaded – Season 2 Episode 10


I sensed danger was around at once, and knew who poses the Danger is no other person than Immagbon. She already heard what we were discussing and has been finding a way to do something to me too, I didn’t know why she choose to do bad things again instead of apologizing for what she has done in the past.
I laughed wickedly and stared at Parcy who has already wore an angry look. The look in his eyes could kill if permitted, I made an eye conversation with him and he understood at once and within a second he’s out of sight. I waited patiently for Ogheneovo, resting on the couch with my eyes closed, just then Ogheneovo entered.
He was carrying a small calabash on his hand. He got to my front and drop it on the center table, I felt like opening it but decided against it, I wanted Immagbon to do so herself. I observe the small calabash for a while, it’s brownish in color with red dots on it and aside all that; it has a dark energy radiating around it, only a supernatural being like me can notice it.
I was still checking out the calabash when I heard movements, I looked up to find Parcy pulling and dragging Immagbon into the room, I almost laughed seeing the scary look on his face. I don’t know what Parcy has done to her but whatever it is, I laud him for it.
I shifted on the couch to make myself comfortable, I really wanted to have some fun with her while her husband watched. I even felt like banging her sef (Abi nor be watin she want make I do back then be that? So her boyfriend can chase me out of the house)… Well all the same, I have to make Justice prevail in my friend’s home, even though he doesn’t worth it.
I ordered her to move closer but she tried proving stubborn which prompted Parcy pushing her to the front, while Ogheneovo watches us like home movie;
ME: What’s the meaning of this? (Pointing to the calabash)
SANDRA: Erm___ Erm___ (Stammering)
ME: Since you can’t say anything, I will advise you to open it or I destroy it at once
SANDRA: Please don’t…
PARCY: If I slap you ehn! You’ll see yar’adua waving for you to come meet him in the other world… are you mad?
SANDRA: Bros abeg nor vex
I was so surprised by how she called Parcy bros, I believed he has done something to her. For her to accord him with such, means he has threaten her with something painful;
ME: Well, if you can’t open it then explain how you get this, and what did your husband did to you to turn him into a slave?
SANDRA: You can’t understand
ME: We will understand…
SANDRA: Hmm! okay, after what happened that day, I felt so bad because I allow lust to take over me. I knew I shouldn’t have asked you to have sex with me but I couldn’t control the desire to have you on me. I didn’t know what to do after you left but I don’t want to let Ogheneovo know how I feel so I went to one of my friend. She told me to keep calm that she’s gonna give me something. That was when she gave me this calabash and taught me how to use it’s content. I never wanted to do this, but I don’t know what will happen if he knew I was the devil that let him chase you out of the house, having the knowledge that you weren’t guilty. My fear was confirmed when he confronted me about the issue, and told me to leave his house before he comes back from wherever he went that day. I have no choice than to use the charm given to me because I don’t want to lose him, I love him so much.. I’m sorry (crying);
OGHENE: What? Love me? You must be sick
SANDRA: Yes I’m sick and your love made me sick, please forgive me
OGHENE: I’m not forgiving you anytime soon, and I don’t even know if to ever forgive you at all. If you’re to ask for forgiveness, am not the one you should beg but that good guy sitting there (pointing towards me)
SANDRA: (Turning to me), please forgive me and help me beg him, I know I was wrong but I’ve changed and I truly love him…
I was so dumbfounded, I didn’t know what to do, whether to forgive her or not and with the look of things if I don’t talk some senses into Ogheneovo he really wouldn’t forgive her and that wouldn’t be good for both party.
I wanted to say something but I don’t know what to say because I’m really confused, I looked at Ogheneovo’s face and saw a determined look which says no forgiveness, if only he could see that the girl is saying the truth that she love him. I looked at Parcy and what I found there wasn’t encouraging at all, he seems more angry than we the owner of the matter.
I was confused for a moment, I made up my mind to forgive her since she seems changed and if not for what happened then I wouldn’t be here;
ME: Well, I have already forgiven you, am not someone who hold grudges against another, though what you did was painful, I knew such is bound to happen
IMMAGBON: Thank you so much, please help me beg him (pointing at Ogheneovo)
ME: Guy you know one thing I’ll like you to do for me? It’s not big actually, and that thing is for you to forgive her.
OGHENEOVO: Never will I do that
ME: Take a look at it this way, if I didn’t visit today, this entire scenario won’t have taken place. I would not even have the chance to forgive you in life. Everybody is at fault here in one way or the other; you need to see that, yours is that you’re too blind by rage. (I looked at him; he has a sober look-on with his face down). Yes, what she did was bad___ really bad, but what you did was worst, she loved you and was just trying to protect that love, it’s just that she didn’t do it in a more meaningful way, she just look adult outwardly but she’s so naïve to know what she’s doing is wrong.. I beg you to please forgive her.
OGHENEOVO: You’re right, I was the one that worsen everything, I shouldn’t have allowed my anger to take the better part of it… I,,I,,I forgive her..
ME: Nice one bro
PARCY: Bros you just totori my kidney with that decision… Oya go hug her
IMMAGBON: Thank you so much Eli
They hugged and shared a kiss. I told them we’re about to go but they persuaded us to stay and eat, after much persuasion we finally agreed to stay a little but not to eat anything…
Me and Parcy bade them goodbye as we drove out of the compound some hours later. I can’t help but smile at the surprise look Ogheneovo had on his face when he saw the car we brought, I bet he’s just gonna faint when he sees Great-Khali or Parcy’s car, fainting is even small, die will do…
We left there and head straight home. We drove in silently, and got into the house when Parcy decided to speak up;
PARCY: Boss you try oh
ME: What do you mean?
PARCY: I mean you get pure mind, make I nor lie for you oo if to say na me dem do that kind thing, I no go forgive them 10yrs from now
ME: What?
PARCY: Yes nah, that Bros ehn I go leave ahm for that spell wen ihm dey and if he nor dey spell, I go put am for strong one myself…
ME: Haha! Parcy, ok what about the lady?
PARCY: (Licking his lips) You see the lady ehn as her laps fresh like fresh tomatoes, that laps go be my head pillow, Her boobs go be my hand toy and her shawama go be my pleasure tool… In short, watin she want make I do in the first place, I go come begin they do ahm that she’ll regret ever wanting me to have sex with her.
ME: I swear you nor be good person
PARCY: I good na, sheybi na help I dey help them, I dey help husband control his anger while I help wife drill her hole..
ME: Parcy the hole driller
We continue joking and finally settle down for PS3.
I was in my family’s house after another successful mission when I got a message from the council of elders in the village that my attention is needed for some reason best known to them. I told my Mum about it, because I have no intention going, and in confirmation my Mum told me not to go too, that if they have anything they need me for, they should send someone to come deliver the message.


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