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Andrea And The Spiritual Roommate – Season 1 – Episode 8

Episode 8

Grim reaper:you will have to give up your soul.

Aramis:what?but how will my death save her?

Grim reaper:its not your death that will save her.your life is just the price but her tears is the antidote.

Aramis:Her tears?

Grim reaper:make her cry,collect her tears in a potion bottle, once you have her tears in a bottle and you threw it into Zakura lake she will vanish and will reappear as a normal ghost..that’s all

Aramis:do I really have to die?

Grim reaper:it’s up to you.

Aramis got home and think about the discussion again,he went to Andrea’s room but she is sleeping he stayed by the door looking at her.”since my brother caused this I must help you”.

The next day Aramis set his tools and ghost catching instruments he cut himself for blood so as to use it as bait,he wiped it with a cloth and dropped it in the seal.
It attracted two ghosts and he caught them… then Anny came around as well tracing the blood.
Aramis use the spiritual whip to tie her,Anny start attacking him as well but Aramis got the best instrument. He tortured her with ghost fire and when the pain was too much she let out a loud cry and Aramis collected her tears.Andrea heard Anny’s voice and she traced it to Aramis chamber.

Aramis saw Andrea’s expression and he withdraw the whip but Anny start fading away.Andrea tried to hold her but she caught nothing but ashes.

Andrea:is this your way of helping us?

Aramis:Andrea..I’m sorry she is not.

Andrea:shut killed her.

Andrea felt so betrayed and she released a Wizard’s curse on him.
Andrea left the mansion and return back to the forest.
Aramis got sick and keep vomiting blood all day.

Jeremy:you traded your soul because of that orphan girl?

Aramis: you are the selfish one here always cause trouble and I keep clearing them for you.. get out of my sight now.

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