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Andrea And The Spiritual Roommate – Season 1 – Episode 7

Episode 7

Anny is now evil and black aura was emitting from her body. Andrea and Aramis heard Jeremy’s voice and rushed to the room.
They saw Anny trying to suck Jeremy’s Chi out of him and he was badly injured.
Jeremy: you need to escape, I don’t know what came over her

Andrea:No no Anny stop..

Anny:I am not Anny!!(she yelled out)

Andrea:Anny please I know you’re in there what happened?

Anny screamed at her and the power of her voice threw Andrea to the wall and she fainted.

Jeremy: I told you.. No ghost can be trusted

Aramis: but..but(confused)

Jeremy: we need to catch her

Aramis stopped Jeremy from harming her and Anny flew away through the window. Andrea woke up crying and shouting Anny’s name

Andrea:Aramis what happened to Anny?please don’t hurt her

Aramis:she need to return to the afterlife


Aramis: when ghost wander for too long in the human realm,they turn evil against their wish and do things they don’t expect.

Jeremy: they can even eat humans,you saw her earlier right

Andrea:that that wasn’t Anny

Jeremy: then who was it?(he yell at her)you should come to your senses now its time for her to go

Andrea:Aramis please how can we help her?there must be a way

Aramis: if there really was a way back then,we won’t have to catch evil ghosts we would have save them

Andrea:oh no Anny(sobbing)

Aramis:don’t worry Andrea..I will find out about it(cuddling her)

Aramis went to the grim reaper about Anny’s case.

Grim reaper: I guess your brother is smarter than you

Aramis: what was that?was it Jeremy?

Grim reaper: do you want the antidote or the answer?

Aramis: how can I save Anny?is there a chance for her again?

Grim reaper: hmm(he grunts)she can be saved since she was turned into it and not intensional but it will cost you a very big price.

Aramis: what is the price?

Grim reaper: you will have to forget your soul here with me,you will vanish from the human realm and stay underworld forever.

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