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Andrea And The Spiritual Roommate – Season 1 – Episode 5

Episode 5

Andrea pack her things and followed Aramis to the city.She was given a room and Aramis explained how to use some home appliances to her.
☃️Andrea’s room☃️
Anny:Andrea..are you sure these guys can be trusted?

Andrea:That forest is now dangerous for you,evil ghosts now frequent that place especially one that tried to eat you up last month

They were discussing when they heard things breaking. Andrea rushed out only to see Aramis lying on the floor in pain.His days are decreasing he will soon die if he could not submit enough orb to the Grim Reaper he keep holding his heart painfully.Andrea asked what’s wrong with him but he didn’t talk and he pass out,luckily Andrea still have some of the Wizard’s gift with her she gave it to Aramis and he woke up.
He thank Andrea for saving his life and when Jeremy arrived,he explained to him and they call on the Grim Reaper.

Secret room
Aramis: Why is this happening to me?I can remember submitting two orbs last month
Grim reaper:yes but now things will change

Jeremy: what?so you can’t be trusted

G.R:I want that lady ghost

Aramis: but she is not evil

G.R:she ran away from me 10 years ago while I was taking her to the afterlife order must be restored anyway so if you can get me that ghost,I will return your soul to will be human again.

Jeremy: wow such a great offer bro

G.R:its up to you(he vanished)

Jeremy got angry about Aramis not accepting the offer and also not telling him about living with a ghost.Aramis tried to convince him about Anny being an innocent ghost.
Aramis: thanks for understanding

Jeremy:You should rest Andrea’s lover

Aramis: I only admire her I don’t have a thing for her.

Aramis left and Jeremy closed the door thinking of how to turn ghost Anny in after deceiving Aramis.

Ghost Anny appeared from the wall after hearing everything.

(I hope Anny won’t turn evil now that she heard something)

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